Yvng Dessy: Destined to be Great!

Yvng Dessy


Destiny Kemp (born October 29, 1996) better known as Yvng Dessy is an upcoming DMV Rapper, born & raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has developed a unique lyrical style that will have you amazed. She is currently in the process of starting her own musical entertainment group called HvmbleMoneyEnt, but she is debuting under the management team of 3 CrownEnt. & Round Table Mafia… Three’s up.

I wanted to learn more about her journey, here’s our Q & A…

RYG: How long have you been a Hip Hop lyricist?

YD: I’ve been writing since I was about 13 years old but I didn’t truly get into my music until I was 16 and began to record in my basement.

RYG: Where did your inspiration originate?
YD:  I got my inspiration from my Grandmother. She was my best friend & greatest supporter. she would always buy me the latest music software for the computer as well as always encouraged me to write down my lyrics; no matter how deep or how real, she loved me to express myself through music and life.

RYG: What obstacles have you faced being in Hip Hop?

YD: I guess, an obstacle I’ve had to face, is myself. My grandmother was truly my inspiration, losing her on Christmas Eve of 2011 took a huge toll on my life to the point I had developed writer’s block.  I didn’t believe in myself the way she believed did, but eventually, I realized she would’ve wanted me to continue to pursue my dreams.

One other obstacle I’ve faced is patience. Since I started out pretty young, I would constantly wonder; “when my shot was gonna come or who will notice me”, but in all reality this (music) takes time. I constantly have to find patience & really humble myself because this is my Destiny. I don’t wanna be stuck in my own ways -ending up unsuccessful. I want to grow as a person & as an artist to perfect my craft.
Watch out for Yvng Dessy…she’s destined for greatness.

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