Wilwaukee Grind; Mississippi Flow (Son Banks)

Grinders, I had an opportunity to work with this young man in a MIME Team in Mississippi called Y.P.M.C Ministries. He is a mighty man of gifts. He is now using his gift of lyrical genius to give his audience words of real and music of more than just movement but of purpose. I love him and I am honor to share his journey with you; #teamrepyogrind.

son1Son Banks” was born in Milwaukee, WI March 28, 1994, but was raised in a small town called Belzoni, Mississippi. When he was a young boy, he always went to church with his grandparent watching the choir from the audience, but this particular Saturday he went to choir practice with his grandmother…she him asked him to come up and her did. After that Saturday I join the choir.

At the age of 12 he became a drummer, praise dancer, and a member of a choir. When he was 13 years old, he decided to write his own song and performed it in church.

     “It was really scary just thinking about it, but I did it and the congregation loved it”, says Son Banks. “My grandparent was really proud of me. Every since then I been writing music like crazy.

When he turned 15, Son Banks moved back to Milwaukee and met some friends that love music as much him. They started coming together -writing and practicing forming the group “P.S.A”.

We did like three local shows then we stop for a while. After we broke up we all still hung out but we went solo”, expressed Son Banks.

Who inspired you to get back into music after P.S.A broke up?

    During that time I met my girlfriend who inspired to start back making music. I listen to her and to myself I said why not so I did my school talent show. The crowd really showed me love. Two days later I graduated from high school and decided to further my career in the industry.

Since then…what have you been working on?

I went searching for the studio that fit me, and I found the right one.  I was very comfortable and developed my first single called “For You”. When I posted the song; I contact Dre Holiday from A.O. N. He contacted me back and told that the song has potential and he would love to work with me. Now, I’m making big moves with Grind N Flow records doing my thing.

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