What say you: Now you want my dress too?

*Note: This topic was brought to me by men (straight & gay) -showing their dislike of this fashion trend!

Before I start this conversation, I know in many cultures Men wear “dress like” clothing, but being an American -my culture is not that. Men looked like men.

I know some will say; “Who to say what men should wear?”, “Why they can’t wear dresses?”, and “What’s wrong with Unisex Clothing?”.

Let me tell You…

First, a man should represent manhood; strong and nurturing, not fragile and feminine.men dress  What’s the point of fighting for the right to be openly gay male…if they (fashion) tell you to do it by looking like a woman? Second, the media as well as designers are capitalizing on your masculinity -telling you that dresses are what’s right…WRONG! Open your eyes!!! Last, certain clothing have always been Unisex. Why now are they making it a “it” thing but using the words “Unisex”?

I want you to think people!!! Men and Women are different physically and mentally -regardless of your preference.

Men in dresses. Because it’s fashion; doesn’t mean it’s right!!!! Stand for something or fall for anything!!!

What say you?

Feature Photo: Jadon Smith; Louis Vuitton campaign including models Sarah Brannon, Rianne Von Rompaey, and Jean Campbell.

One Reply to “What say you: Now you want my dress too?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!!! I was taught as a young boy to always be a man & dress like one, what’s in is not always in following trends for men wearing dresses is not masculine male & female are different for a reason same as humans but different in species what God intended✌

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