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RYG: Who is Tiffanie Event Planner?

I am the Owner of Bird of Paradise Events, Wedding and Event Planner!

I was born in New York but consider myself a Baltimore native.  I spent over 15 years serving as an Assistant to some of Baltimore’s prominent Director’s, Presidents and CEO’s. Working as their right hand has enabled me take on impossible tasks, the ability to multi-task (handling many projects at once), detailed oriented, and the ability to demand a high level of customer service.   I gained the experience of planning meetings, conferences, seminars, staff events…you get the picture.  I was also a member of the women ministries planning committee Women in God’s Service (W.I.N.G.S.) at my church, planning monthly church wide events.   After the enjoyment of planning various meetings and events for church, work, friends and family I decided to pursue planning professionally.  

birdevent In 2008, I launched Bird of Paradise Events, since I have planned and designed a host of weddings, planned, assisted and managed non-profit galas and fundraisers.   In 2011, I  partnered with two of my industry partners Desserts Designed by Angela Wage and Dionisa’s Designs by Dionisa Santiago for the Bird of Paradise Events presents…”A Business Showcase Soiree” showcasing our work and advertising some of Baltimore’s small businesses.  On Sunday, October 20, 2013 I launched the “Glitz and Glam” Bridal Extravaganza showcasing over 25 wedding professionals and a host of media partners.  We are now gearing up for a great wedding season and the 2014 “Glitz and Glam” Bridal Extravaganza!

RYG Where do you get you inspirations for you design?

My design ideas come from what’s trending…but mostly a feel for my clients, their theme, what they envision for their wedding or event.  There are times when clients show up to their wedding or event to surprises!!!  Thankfully, they trust me and love them!

RYGHow long have you been an Event Planner?

When I first thought of this, I was thinking more corporate since that’s where the thought came from, meeting planning/seminars etc…as I researched I decided to incorporate events and wedding planning.  I’ve been blessed to be able to serve in both capacities, since 2008.


 RYGWhere do you see the business of Tiffanie EventPlanner in the next 5 yrs?

These last few years have been a whirlwind…I’m so blessed to know so many AWESOME event and wedding professionals that give me advice and encouragement- this is not an easy industry!  I’m so very humbled by all the greatness that’s going on.  I see Bird of Paradise Events expanding becoming an industry name…that’s my vision at least!

RYGWhat words of inspiration do you give the up and coming Event Planners?

Come in this business with tough skin, believe in your skills, and believe in your brand!  Surround yourself with people you admire, obtain advice and take criticism…most importantly– #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove

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