Video Release Party for Jay McGraw & Blizzard…

On February 15, 2015, I attended a Video Release Party hosted by M.A.M Records for the Artist/Manager; Jay McGraw and Artist; Blizzard. This great event was held in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere; “Red Door East“, 625 N. Glover Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Go by “Red Door East” and show your support. There were great food, and banging music by DJ TNT (funny guy)!!!

Plenty of laughter filled the building…Great job!!!

There were multiple artists in the building including; Taz Spitta, Bryan Lryics, “D”Coy, CynDiva, and Model/Actress Tiara West with “Sweet Tooth GourmeyCatering Owner; Lavar Hayes and  a host of many more. Shout out the GGI Photography master; Jerome!!!

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