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Hello RYG fam, I got a chance to meet an inspiring young lady from Liberia by the name of Berenice Mulubah. She’s a Marine, Author, and Radio host; Berenice also started a website dedicated to the art and culture of Liberia.

Here Q&A with Berenice:

Who is Berenice Mulubah? I can tell you who I am in four words, strong, passionate, motivated and determine.  I was born in a small city of the coast ofLiberia, West Africa, called Harper city.  I have a mind of service. Giving a part of me to the world is what led me on the career path of Marine.  I’m also a creative writer.  My first book ‘Landing Safely on a Solid Rock’ was published in 2011.  Last but not least, I host a radio show called The BM show on  http://www.tmzradiointl.com/
 berenice1 What drives your passion?
Life.  I love life and I’m determine to live it to the fullest. When I look back someday, I don’t want to have regrets, just experiences and lessons.  I believe I was brought on earth for a purpose.  On that last day, when the Lord ask me, “what did you do with your gifts and talents,”  I want to give a full account. 
 How long have you been in broadcasting?
A little over 2yrs.
Why is it so important to share the art and culture of Liberia with the world?
Exposing Liberian arts and culture to the world is like exposing myself to the world.  I am a creative soul and the rhythm of my soul can be tracing back to my Liberian roots.  My culture is so rich but yet unheard of and that is not fair to the world.  Why hide the one thing that make us unique, from the rest of the world?  To understand Liberians you have to understand their culture.  Liberia as a nation have been through so much, fourteen long years of civil war.  If we can express our love, pain, struggles and recovery through arts and share it with the world, we can regain our confidence and that is important to me. 
 How do you think other countries can benefit from Liberia artistic flare?
Liberia has a great heritage of creative pursuits.  Nevertheless, there are very little research done on creativity in Liberia.  There is an artistic evolution that is going on in the world.  Cross-culture creative innovation and Liberia has a lot to offer.  Our music, arts, dance, fashion are very rich.  I can promise you this, any country that is willing to dive into the Liberian culture will not come out thirsty.  There is so much to enjoy.
 Are there any myths you would like to set straight about Liberia?berenice3
Majority of our artists believe that they need to imitate other countries culture to be accepted, respected and recognized.  That is not true, what we need is to have self-confidence in our culture, promote with pride, be determine and patient.  Our day will come.   Some day, the world will be dancing and singing to the rhythm of Liberia. 
 berenice4Being a Marine, a author, and a radio host, would you share how you stay focused on your dreams.
One of the greatest thing that I’ve learned from the military is the ability to multitask.  The first three days in boot camp is all about multitasking.  You are not allow to sleep for those first three days.  Therefore, I’ve learned how to work harder under pressure and use my time wisely.  The icing on the cake is, I love what I do and that makes it easier.  It doesn’t feel like work at all.

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