There’s nothing Underground about him…

B.o.B (Bobby Ray) Underground Luxury, The third album of the Hip Hop Lyricist/Musician

Released Date: December 17, 2013

Tonight, media minds gather at the CREATIVE HUB, 6669 Security Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland for “The Writer’s Rap” with recording artist B.o.B. This young man has wisdom as well as talent –taking his struggles to produce undeniable art.

During the Q & A, I got a chance to learn more about him other than just music. B.o.B is real; real about his heartache, real about the message in his music, and real about what legacy he wants to leave fans years from now.

We all at some point have or are living underground luxury lives, such as: making it through tough times with a smile on our faces or saving money for that passion or dream project. Underground Luxury is already having a gold bar in your mind then having enough faith and dedication to make it Luxurious.

Represent the Little o’s between the Big B’s.

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