The Truth of Beauty….

Desiree AKA Desy

Blogger and Beauty Inspiration

 New York City


Who is Desiree?

I was born and raised in Trinidad by my grandmother, who took care of me and my brother + 2 older sisters. My grandmother was a seamstress and tailor, who introduced me to the world of fashion.

Desiree a.k.a Desy, is the owner and manager which is a very successful Fashion/Beauty Blog. I also manages the marketing campaigns for 2 local Brooklyn Businesses. My family is a very creative group of people, singers, designers, sports athletes.

desiree3 Desy’s blog is a wealth of information…

Desy has worked in the beauty industry for over five years as a makeup and skincare specialist + Fashion/Beauty Event Organizer.

She has organized several Fashion and Beauty Workshops and events in New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Those events included several – Modeling Workshops, Photo Shoots, Networking Events and Fundraisers.

Apart from beauty and fashion, she also does Social Media Marketing, Editorial Posts,Interviews and Organizes Events for onlindesiree4e stores, local & International businesses, brands and business owners. Her marketing techniques help to build awareness of each unique business, their product/service through organic and honest means. This helps them grow not only their online presence but also a local presence in their communities.

Her passion has always been to help women not only look and feel their best, but to also be a source of inspiration and guidance to women starting their own businesses. desiree2

I believe that Every woman should feel and know that they are Beautiful & Special, we need to always show each other respect, compassion and love……quoted by Desy.

Words of Inspiration….

Through my blog, I hope to be an inspiration to every woman who visits this site, in one way or another. All of you should know that you are beautiful, you are special and you can accomplish anything you set your heart on. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and take action. Never give up and never stop having faith that you will be successful.

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