Terrence “RawSwagger” Green

Terrance “RawSwagger” Green

Dancer, Actor, Comedican

Terrence Green
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Terrence is a York, PA native, dancing has always been apart of his DNA and what location could bring out his “Raw Swagger”  but ATL (Atlanta).

Prior to this dancer upbringings in his hometown of York,PA, Terrence relocated to the Atlanta area where he had the privilege to learn many styles of dancing that Atlanta has to offer. The Atlanta area is known for having a certain dance for most of the biggest songs that comes out which makes the Atlanta dances fun, and every year tons of new dances are created that end up popular all over the world. Some of the best dance events are underground dance events in different cities across the world.

But, the Ultimate two step came in Fall 2008, when MTV launched “America’s Best Dance Crew”, which gave Terrence as well as other fabulous Dancers an opportunity to display the craft around the World. The first auditions was held in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and of course the Atlanta.

In 2010, the moment came. The “Swagger Crew” (Atlanta), which Terrence was a member had their auditions for the MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew (Fifth Season) platform and they made it to the competition rounds…Yay!!!

How was the process of auditions and your emotions at the time?

“The audition process was a MAJOR HEADACHE!!! ( Laughs a bit) for some reason, we ended up being the last crew to audition for the show. So all day we had to sit there and watch crews practice, and try to figure out how to “get lucky”. One thing I learned about auditioning for that show was “PATIENCE”. You see, that was our 3rd year in a row auditioning. and because we were DEAD LAST to audition, we had to remain “hype” yet save our energy until it was our turn. we also had to practice not looking at what everyone else was doing because at the end of the day, you wanna show that you are different and standout while doing so that was seriously one of the LONGEST days of my life.”

Even though “Swagger Crew” had an chance to display their sleek and smooth skills for the American audience and judges; they were eliminated on the Fourth Episode of the Fifth Season.

How did you feel about the elimination?

The elimination process was a complete learning experience for Terrence and the rest of the Raw Swagger crew. That whole week taught us “preparation” although we had some “tricks” up our sleeves, we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. We kind of felt confident enough to had a routine that would “work” instead of blow the minds of the judges and America. There were some last minute changes that didn’t work in our favor due to technical difficulties, however we did what we could with what we had. Many viewers may wonder what kind of emotional impact the elimination process from these televised shows must have on these contestants, and what happens after the final appearance.

This opportunity kicked off Terrence’s journey into full Grind mode.

After America’ Best Dance Crew, Terrence started self reflection and realized he has numerous talented: Stand-up Comedian, Actor (BET sitcom; “Let’s Stay Together), Youtude Comedic skits, and  music videos. Noticing all his gifts, Terrence “Electric Slide” to the West Coast to the “Salsa” city of Los Angeles. Where his Grind is taking full effect.

Words of Encouragement:  You have to reinvent yourself, be able to utilize many other skills and talents you pose to boarding your brand.

Interviewer: Sammie Preston IV

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