Tell the truth, Apolo-a-lie…

Apolo-a-lie is when you speak your heart felt opinion and because others have a problem with it or/and force you to apologize when you really meant what you said…other words, being a FAKE!!!!

A week suspension for ESPN commentator; Stephen A. Smith, for doing what he do best… talking about people and situations. My questions are Why and Who decides what he answer or don’t answer?


So, the issue for me…Stephen Apolo-a-lied about what you said….why?! It was the truth.  I don’t believe any one should have to experience violence, but I also think we should be able to talk with our female and male children about behavior and consequences of actions…good or bad.  What he said, is being told to every young lady in the south…that is one of the rules of Southern Belles. I know…I’m one.

What he said:

He had to tell women in his family, “Let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions.” He also referred to “elements of provocation” and implied that women should “do what they can to try to prevent the situation from happening.”


Being a female, I have seen some crazy things women have done…CRAZY!! To get a rise out of their man and even when he has walked away… they did something even CRAZIER.  That’s why the information he gave to his female family member was good and so important.

Domestic Violence is wrong!!!! That’s why we have to train our children (male and female) the right way.

We all have to make sure we don’t provoke wrong situations.  And, if you feel a certain way about something, be honest…and don’t Apolo-a-lie about it…don’t allow others and money  to kill your integrity.

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