Talking from the Klouds…


Baltimore, Maryland

The Kloudtalkers are a rap group from East Baltimore, 25th Street & Harford Rd to be exact.   The group was formed by Kash Kloudtalker  a.k.a  FliMoneyKash in 2009. Yoda Fresh later joined in 2010 and the Kloudtalkers were established. The duo was friends long before the group formed.   They both grew up together on 25th street where they first realized their love for music.1407863669674


In 2008 while rapping in the group BlackMoney Kash & Fresh linked up with Syndicate Entertainment and began working toward a career in music. After a few complications the group BlackMoney dissolved leaving Kash & Fresh  as solo artists. During that time Kash formed The Kloudtalkers. Fresh was down with movement as well and the group became official. Kloudtalking although containing heavy marijuana overtones is all about elevation; socially, economically, spiritually and mentally.


1407863900148Our music reflects our life’s experiences present, past and future. We relay a message of relaxation while maintaining a motivation to achieve what may seem unattainable. Our versatility allows us to truthfully address a variety of topics without painting a false image of who we are. Kloudtalking not a phase it’s a lifestyle so sit back and enjoy the show!!!!


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