Spotlight: Stoney Austin (Stone Cold Lryicist)

Stoney, Hip Hop Artist

This Stone Cold Lyrisict have a song called, ” Been, Been” I love!!! It’s hype…I will be upload the clean version soon. Check out our interview below:

RYG: Who is Stoney the Hip Hop Artist?
As a hip hop artist I’m a very different individual…I consider myself different because I am a leader, I don’t follow trends I set them…
RYG: What or Who motivated you to become a lyricist?
I was always a lyricist even though I chose to pursue R&B first, however it wasn’t until I linked up with my cousin Rara that I began rapping officially…
stoney1RYG: How has Hip Hop changed since your beginning?
Hip Hop was more about the lyrics in the beginning nowadays your words could be fire, but if your beat not on point than nobody listens to you.
RYG: How would you describe your musical style?
I would describe my style of hip hop  as a combination of all of hip hop put in to one … I have a little down south,  Midwest,  and East coast…I’ve been compared to rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky and even Bone Thugs and Harmony.
stoney2RYG: What is the hardest aspect of being an Artist?
The hardest part about being an artist is staying true to yourself… Everyone these days are giving in to becoming a gimmick rapper,  but I gotta stay true to self!
RYG: Words of inspiration?
My advice to everyone out there is as I stated before stay true to your self…Don’t allow others to change you…Be yourself!! 

6 Replies to “Spotlight: Stoney Austin (Stone Cold Lryicist)

  1. Stoney’s a great artist, slick and quick with his words. Music is his life and one day I know I will see him on the big screen.Take heed to his words be yourself!

  2. Keep doing your thang baby!! You the shit and you don’t even stank lol seriously though. You know your wife got you through whatever! #stoneymhuggah is up!

  3. keep doing your thing bro.. I’m proud and nothing in this world could make me happier than to see u make it.. It’s time for you to show the world that $-Mu is meant to be a star!!

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