Spotlight: Lamont Pierre (Freedom of Film)

Lamont Pierre, Filmmaker/Writer/Director

New York and Los Angeles based filmmaker Lamont Pierre created numerous award-winning web series dramas…

This Filmmaker, Writer, Director has created some outstanding web series… his new groundbreaking series “FreeFall” is a Atlanta based crime drama, which Pierre received inspiration from HBO series “The Wire“.  Lamont Pierre utilizes real life everyday experiences (crime and diverse relationships) throughout his work. He developed love for the imagery of film and screenwriting while in high school.
In Fall 2008, Lamont assisted Lee Daniels with his Oscar Nominated film; “Precious” in New York after sending a film reel of some of his own projects that he completed while attending college. This was the most educational era in his career… Lee Daniels was an amazing man to work with, says Pierre.1901981_776151979112172_3855501619109187925_n
As an member of the Writers Guild Of America ,West, Lamont explains that the union fights for fairness in the entertainment industry for writers which is a valuable resource for every professional writer.
In 2013, Pierre made his film debut with “Talking With the Taxman about Poetry“, during the time of developing this film he had a chance to release some emotional frustrations, which saved him from himself at that time.
10849804_801234883270548_6140585974902088006_nInspiration for his creative process comes from characters that society seems to overlook, Pierre says, when casting for his projects he looks for a certain type of  talent that has a comparable work ethic -embarking on the creative journey together. I became of fan of web series “FreeFall” during the first season. The show is a crime drama series that follows mostly gay male characters down a road of crime and the consequences of certain dark lifestyles.
Isaiah Green character Saleem stands out the most for me…coming to the show within the second season. His character is looking for someone special to enhance his life while falling for Atlanta dark-side as well as having some secrets of his own. Pierre states, Saleem is an exciting addition to the series, this character is the thread or key to linking many characters and situations and he will be a big part of the third season.
The theme song for “FreeFall” created by Actor/Singer Deandre Lemans, song entitled I love U beat was played during a conversation…the music felt so mesmerizing and very adamant that Pierre inquired Deandre to find a way to get it for the production. After Lemans wrote and produced the song; it became a major hit. It tells a compelling story to represent this web drama so well.
10420365_10105484426292593_4479737992239622301_nLamont Pierre is in the works to release his next film entitled, “ Where the Streets have No Name” in 2015. The film will tell the story about a college dropout turned male prostitute who has seemingly given up his dream for a life of anonymity. 
Lamont is a storyteller and visionary with honest compelling stories wrapped into a lush cinematic package.
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  1. Excellent article! I will definitely check out that series. Interested to know more about his experience working Lee Daniels as he seems a very intellectual yet edgy figure.

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