Septimius The Great

Septimius the Great; a Maryland based dance artist, is a multi-award winning entertainer and creative innovator. His fashion sense radiates through his music -bring out the unique music that is enjoyed domestically as well as around the World. Let’s take a deeper look into the Greatest of Septimius.

septimusBefore starting your musical career in 1997, Tell us about being an fashionable Runway model.

Well, in 1997 I only did a verse on a song but never did anything else musically until 2010. But, high school onward I started modeling locally for stores then met local fashion designers in which I started to model for them up and down the East Coast in runway shows. I was actually too shy to model until my senior year in high school; people always asked if I was a model and that convinced me to participate in my senior high school fashion show. I prefer to model for up and coming fashion designers because of their creativity and uniqueness, which makes you feel special to be in a one of a kind design.

What was it about the music that got your creative juices flowing?

My music juices started flowing in 2010 when I wanted to create a song for a fashion show “I am Fashion“. So I pick an image/character, picked a sound and co-wrote my first song.  I met with a music producer from craigslist and my music career started. One song, 2 songs EP and now the album “To Be Emperor“.

          I loved how you infuse pop with hip hop then turning Opera into dance. How did you come up with those concepts?

My musical taste started in house music but I wanted to make it more mainstream and worldly accepted. It’s hard to say what my genre is but it’s core is what they call EDM/Dance but I also wanted to see how fusions of different music would fuse together. Just like the real Roman Emperor “Septimius Severus” was the Emperor of the Roman Empire (many, many, many cultures and territories) so will I; “Septimius The Great” be the Emperor of  a musical empire (many, many, many genres, cultures and more)

How does performing aboard differ from here in the States?

I love to perform abroad because the world is filled with many traditions and cultures but they all love music but it seems that outside the U.S. people have no musical or creative boundaries.

I have to ask about your fashion consultant. Who keep your on fleet?

Over the years, I have accumulated clothes from many designers in which I have kept and reused in my music career and image. I style and pick out my own clothes and ideas but I pull from my “Septimius Collection” which is a fusion of mainly designs by E. Bannister Couture, Alec Risimic Couture and Andrew Nowell Menswear.

Being on America’s Got Talent, how has that impact your life?septimiusthegreat

It was a great opportunity and a big confirmation of my creation… when a show like that calls upon you 3 yrs in a row to VIP audition for them. I love the show because it allows for all varieties of talents and people. My experience was a good one, I did it to get recognition “not to win“, which relieves alot of the pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to go on further to the live rounds or even win. lol But, I accomplish what I set out to do.
Words of Inspiration.
Never give up on a dream, passion or idea. When you experience a few failures that means you are on the right track and perseverance will produce positive results.
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