The Artist…

DSCN0066Mr. Leroy Neal (Master Barber)

                   The Artist”

 McKoy’s Barbershop

3635 Edmondson Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21229



RYG: When did you start your barber career?

LN: I started in 1965

RYG: Did you have to attend a barber school?

LN: Yes, I went to Carver Vocational School and only paid $2.00 for my license. I went to evening classes for only 3 hours a week.

RYG: How much did you charge for a haircut?

LN: I started working at the Talents Barbershop on West Longwood Street and we charged $.75 for children and $1.50 for adults. I worked there for 6 years.

RYG: What was the funniest thing ever happened in the shop?

LN: I had an alcohol problem –got to the shop one morning and wanted a drink but my client came in early. Well, I started cutting his hair; my hands started shaking while I was giving him a razor line and he said, “If I get out of here alive, I’m never coming back”. I stopped barbering that day!

RYG: How long did you stay out of the industry?

LN: For 18 ½ years.

RYG: What were you doing in those 18 ½ years?

LN:  I stopped drinking and started working for Allied Chemicals until they closed in 1986. Then, I went back to school to enhance my cutting skills for different types of hair textures.

RYG: Where did you work after returning to the industry?

LN: I was so proficient in my skills that my instructor at the time; referred me to the Naval Academy were I have been working since 1986 until today. I have also been working part-time at Mckoy’s Barbershop for 21 years.

RYG: How do you feel about the industry now?

LN: Many of the new barbers don’t have the same standards we had back when I started. Some have the education but lack skills, personality, and professionalism.  I would love to see the new barbers take pride in themselves and their work.

MOTTO: Take your time and do it right the first time.

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2 Replies to “The Artist…

  1. WOW!…..$2…that’s funny!Times have truly changed!……I love your honesty and the fact that although barbering and held tight to your morals and values!……I hear you on taking your time and doing it right………..that’s with any and everything you do!

  2. i meant to say that although you encountered obstacles you still continued your career of barbering and held tight to your morals and values.

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