Pen to the Paper…

Jerrica Leavy

Neo Soul Gospel Spoken Word Artist

North Carolina

RYG: Jerrica tell my audience about your journey.

I was in the 9th grade when I notice how my mind transformed my deepest thoughts into lyrical poetry. Poetry really started in church, then school and into my adult life –it has become the foundation of my ministry. My writing is inspired by life events; my tears, and my ability to overcome pain inflicted upon me by people. We all handle pain differently, some survive, while others fall victim to their pain. I can truly say my “pain helped me gain,” to put my pen to paperknowing that somebody will be encouraged and uplifted from the spirit of heartache.

My poetry completes me, which is funny because it is only a portion of who I am. I have not published any of my poems because I wanted to do something a lot different. I produced my first album in 2006 called, “Refuge” and now I’m getting ready to release my new album in 2014 called,” Soldiers Raise Up”. Yes, I consider myself to be a Neo Soul Gospel Spoken Word Artist. I have taken poetry and placed it in song form but keeping it poetry, it’s unique. I have had the privilege to perform in cafes, clubs, other places outside the church but it’s challenging. I worry about the crowd reaction to my gospel piece because it’s hard to stay positive in some negative environments, but I press on to win. I love being challenged; it improves my gifts and makes me better.

 RYG: Would you share a piece of your work?

you have trade him for religion now ain’t that odd
I am going to make this poem my national anthem
I can do that cause God gave Jesus as my Ransom
Because of his death…..because he hung his head and died
you may want to 
with your verbal abuse
you can try and you have tried
Let it go…………LMBO………..YOU CAN’T KILL MY VIBE………..

Thank you,



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