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Vett Stunna, Hip-Hop Lyricist
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RYG: How did you get started in Hip-Hop? Why?

I was born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City and County. I first started paying attention to Hip Hop in 1992. I loved TLC, and still do and Left-Eye was my favorite. The way she spit and her delivery was appealing to me to the point that when I began listening to more harcore rap, I started wondering if I could do it? I started writing in 1998. Me and my bestfriend would write lyrics like we were in No Limit cause that’s what we were into at the time. As time passed, I fillevett1d up more books, each one getting better and showing real growth in my lyrics. Plus the way my life was going for a while, writing was my therapy(I know ya’ll can relate!). At this point I feel like I have a message to bring and I just want to get it out there the best way I know how. I have an amazing group of friends/labelmates in H.D. Records, Team Cali, and some dope music to if the true Hip Hop fan willing to listen. I want to bring a different perspective to the rap game. Growing up as a female in Baltimore City can be hard, and somebody needs to tell the story, my story. I got a lot of people depending on me and I plan on doing what I set out to do…take the world by storm!

RYG: Where has your journey taken you this far? What are you plans for 2015?

I rvetteleased a five part mixtape series in 2012 titled “Mixtape For Dummies” with The Curriculum, The Lecture, Spring Break, Mid-Terms and Finals. These tapes can be found on
Last year I released another mixtape with all original music, including the song “I Do”,  performed at the Ottobar on Sunday, October 26, 2014 titled, Hearts & Flames. The mixtape was well received by fans and bloggers. This year, after a personal leave from music, I jumped back in the studio inspired towards the end of July and over a span of three weeks recorded six songs that would commemorate the sixth installment in the Mixtape For Dummies series set to drop January 2015. I am currently in the middle of shooting the video for the third single from that group, my version of “No Flex Zone, Lil Vett’s Throne. I am also simultaneously working on my first album. I already have some songs recorded and even more written. Along with a couple of EPs coming towards the middle of 2016. As you can tell, I love what I do, the entire process! Writing, recording, performing, videos, everything.

 RYG: Places you have shared your art?

Since 2009, I have performed everywhere from Coppin State University to Dubai Night Club, Tony’s Diner, Walter’s Art Gallery, Black Girls Rock hair show, and many more.

S/O to Team Cali…

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