On the Scene: Dria (Vocal Diva)

Dria aka Nadria


Nadria is a twenty-four year old singer, songwriter, actress. Inspired by
Brandy, Erykah Badu, Billie Holliday and Sara Vaughn, performing became more of
a way of life than a hobby. Picking up the mic at the very young age of seven,
she flew fast forward into her music.
nadria3At twelve years old, working with Platinum Plus Records, she began writing
and recording her own music. Performing everywhere and anywhere that would let
her show off her sassy lyrics and soulful voice. In April 2005 Nadria competed
in the Uplifting Minds Talent Showcase at Coppin State University. Winning first
place in the show she landed the opportunity to open up for Faith Evans and Mint
Condition at the African American Heritage Festival that summer. Only fourteen,
performing in front of a crowd over 3000 people, she won them over with her
innocent songs and hip dance moves.
Working with Sharpeye Ent, Nadria landed yet another opportunity to
perform alongside Baltimore’s own Lil Mo, Mario and Bossman, just to name a few,
in the Baltimore Believe Tour sponsored by Mayor Martin O’Malley. This summer
event allowed her to perform every week at a different location in the city of

While singing is her first love, Nadria always had a knack for the art of
acting. With that she joined Wombwork Productions. Wombwork is a 501c3
non-profit organization that empowers youth, their families, and communities
through. She has done plays at Howard University, Coppin State University,
Morgan University, Martins West, Richmond Institute, Philadelphia Caribbean and
many other locations. Some of the plays involve Suicide Prevention, Gang
Violence and HIV Prevention. With Womb Work she appeared on PBS showing off her
acting skills as a Dope addict who lost everything from her addiction to heroin.
Alongside some of the bigger names in Hollywood, Nadria landed a role on
the fourth season of HBO’s “The Wire”. Playing a young middle school student who
suffers from borderline psychosis she was blessed to have worked with the like
of directors and actors such as Ernest Dickenson, Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters,
Frankie Faison and Wood Harris just to name a few.nadria4

Since then Nadria has continued performing in shows and plays all around the
east coast. She has a commercial airing on the local televisions stations
everyday for a “Spread the Word not the disease” campaign. Encouraging Women,
Men and children to get tested and know their status.

At the age of now 24 she has branded herself with the swag of the 90’s and twist of today’s hip-hop flare.
She performed on B.E.T’s 106th and park’s Wild Out Wednesday female hip hop and r&b category December 14, 2011.

Nadria simply puts her road to success in her own words, “This for me is
not just talent that I have to show off to impress someone. It’s a story I need
to tell. It’s a journey in which I’ve learned so much from. And now I’m ready to
minister to all through entertaining.”



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  1. Keep rising to the top baby, we family and I will always be a fan as well I’m supporting you til da wheels fall off….ni I know dey #see us gettin in….!!!!!!

  2. Great job young lady!!… Thoroughly enjoyed this article. Inspired as a fan and equally impressed as a supporter!!.. Keep striving for ” there are no ceilings” when it comes to success! PeaceNBlessings!


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