Not just another pretty face…

Jearlean Taylor

Model, Author, Survivor

I am Jearlean Taylor a native of Baltimore, Maryland. I am a cancer survivor, because of my rare cancer at very young age, I was left with two permanent ostomy bags (urostomy & colostomy) which was my biggest secret. However, I persevered; now author, writer, and a fashion model, yes with two ostomy bags (16 years). Who would have thought?

  • Background My heart’s desire has always been to make a difference in people lives, but there was something internally that was unstable in my life. My mind, body, and soul longed for answers. I had outer beauty, but was suffering on the inside with low self-esteem, pity, and unhappiness. Could my beauty cover up my hurt?

    I desperately wanted to be accepted. Yes, I had a darling personality and nobody could take that away, but was it enough to mend the hurt and internal pain? My parents had sacrificed and cared for all my brothers and sisters, but would they anticipate one of their children developing cancer at the age of three years old. I would say my problem was cancer, but my disease was what I called “Pretty Girl Blues”. Was this a label I put on myself or allowed other to give me?

    My story continues with struggles, insecurities, heartaches, pain, suicidal thoughts, and disappointments, but through it all God was my saving grace. I hope to help those suffering with low-self-esteem by reaching out, encouraging, uplifting up, listening, understanding, and helping those in need. I do not look like what I deal with 24 hours/7 days a week. I AM A DESIGNER ORIGINAL.

    Two Ostomy Bags, but my circumstances did not stop me: My Modeling Bio/Accomplishments: 2004 1st Place Winner – Model of Year Contest 2005 Runner Up- Natural Beauty of Year Contest 2005 1st Place Winner- Battle of Beauties Contest 2005 People’s Choice Award- Overall Runway Performance 2009– Woman of Honor (from Bethany Baptist Church Women’s Ministry) 2010 Certificate of Achievement- Betterment of Communities in Baltimore 2010 Certificate of Achievement Fashion Award-J & Company Christian Modeling; Betterment of Communities in Baltimore 2011– Baltimore Sun Paper – “Top Models to Watch” for Baltimore Fashion Week

    Thank you Lord “Pretty Girl Blues” is now a published autobiography;

    I thank you in adv. ance, Jearlean Taylor 


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