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John Patrick Adams



johnp1Grinders, I don’t think you know what the “etc.”…GOD FEARING!!! John is one of those men you set at home saying, “Lord, Thank you”. See Ladies, Mr. Adams has the understanding and God given wisdom that makes for a good husband as well as the  ability to help other men face their fears about relationship stuff. For REAL!!

I have been following Mr. Adam for a while now and…was so excited that he accepted my invitation -getting “Nake” with #teamrepyogrind.  Come join me…getting “Nake” with John Patrick Adams.

 RYG: I am a true fan of your blog, but who is John Patrick Adams behind the Piano and Computer Keys?

A:  Honestly, I’m just a regular guy…  Somewhat of an extreme homebody, I really love just chilling at home on the weekends watching a great movie and eating junk-food.  With work, church, blogging and promoting my books, it seems like I’m constantly on the go, so anytime I get to just stay home and take it easy, I take advantage of it.

RYG: Would you tell us about the inspirational journey of the Composing Certified Motivational Life Coach Author Blogger?

A:  Well my journey of “truth” actually started six years ago.  I reached a point in my life where I wanted different and I realize the only way I would achieve this is to change my thinking.   During this time I read numerous books, constantly watched videos, and I took a moment away from what is considered the “norm” these days, drama.  I watched what I fed myself mentally because I knew what I put in, would eventually come out.  I started to strip myself clean of the perceptions, expectations, and requirements of the world, family, and friends and just started living my own truth…  Is my truth considered “right” by everyone else???  Not sure, nor am I concerned about this.  I had to reach a point where I was proud of the person starring back at me each morning in the mirror…

RYG: In July 2015, you released your second Book; “How to Win the Dating Game”.  But, I as well as #teamrepyogrind need to know; how to release and get “Naked” (First Book released 2013), first. Would you give us a passage from “Naked”?

A:  Sure, here is the opener of the book…


Standing butt ass naked in front of the mirror I see the reflection of my soul.  Years of hurt and brokenness stare me in the face.  For a minute I couldn’t believe the ugliness staring back at me.   I saw scars from a parent who was scared by a parent, bruises from relationships with others who were bruised, and whips from the constant beatings I inflicted upon myself.  Telling lies about who I was over the years masked my soul, and now standing naked in front of the mirror, I can’t recognize the person staring back at me. 

johnp3The reflection I saw was someone I didn’t like, an illusion of a good Christian, a false perception of happiness, and a fucked up reality of a Man.  Struggling with the morals learned as a child, the belief of what a Christian should be, and the high standards set by the world only left me lost without an identity.  Who am I?  Is there truly a purpose for my life?  And if so, “God wasn’t there an easier way for me to find it?” 

Like many of you reading this book, I attended church weekly, read my Bible, and I truly love the Lord with ever fiber in my body, but I was unhappy.  It seemed like loving the Lord didn’t soothe nor heal the scars of my soul.  I prayed constantly to be healed, but maybe my prayers were drowned out by the screaming of my soul.  Screams pleading for help, healing, and comfort from the pain.  Was God listening?  It felt like He wasn’t, but the enemy was.  The more I prayed, the more he preyed. 

For years I believed his lies and made them my truths, and as a result I now lived with much insecurity.  I was insecure about everything:  songwriting, looks, manhood, relationships, job, church, and identity.  He had me just where he wanted me, MY LOWEST.  And just like a pimp on the street, once he stole the purity of my soul, he left me to die. 

Now I stand naked in front of the mirror bruised, scared, and beaten.  Staring at someone who is unrecognizable to the eye, yet they hold my name.  The truth is…  The day I was stripped of everything is the day I saw everything I needed to be healed.  


RYG: I read about the platform you created called “The Truth Bowl”. Tell us more about it and how johnp2to place our burdens in the Bowl.

A:  Well The Truth Bowl was a 30 minute segment YouTube VideoCast…  Each week I posted a panel discussion which consisted of believers who were brave enough to be transparent about their past, and willing to share their experiences to help others.  it was question driven and even though now of the panelist were licensed professionals, they were able to offer advice to help the viewers accomplish their goals.The show ran for a year before ending, but was beginning to gain momentum.  My goal is to eventually bring it back as several of the viewers has asked when will it return, however I want to make sure I’m giving those who watch the very best and not half effort…  So for those of you have watched and those of you who would like to become a fan, we can be found on Youtube under the name “The Truth Bowl“…

RYG: Being an Ultimate Grinder, how do you handle the many gifts God has blessed you with?

A:  I’ve learned to embrace everything God has given me because even though I’m gifted in many areas, I’m beginning to see how they all benefit one another.    Before blogging and releasing my books, I was heavily involved in the music community in which I was blessed to have a few songs recorded.  Because of this, people may not have known me, however they knew my name.  When I transitioned over into the blogging world, some of those people transitioned with me.  No matter what I’m doing, I’m very passionate about it.  First, I want to make sure I give God my very best, and secondly give all those who tune in, read, or listen to anything I create.  

There are times I want to quit and give up..  But giving up on what I do is like giving up on everything…  I write, not because I’m a writer, but because inside of me are so many things I believe can help others which make grinding all so easy…  We get tired of doing what we’re forced or obligated to do, but what we love, there is always an ounce of energy for it…

RYG: Do you have any upcoming engagements or events?

A: Outside of a few musical workshops I’ll be conducting towards the end of the year, I’m pretty much going to take it easy and enjoy family and friends during the holiday season.  2017 will be a groundbreaking year for me, so i’ll be gearing up and prepping for the upcoming year.

                                                             Words of Inspiration.

A:  One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself in life is “ME”…  So many times I believe we get caught up into being whom everyone else believes we should be until we forget who we truly are…  So many people have gone their entire lives unhappy, feeling unfulfilled all because they never lived the “truth” of who they are…  For everyone that reads this, I would encourage each of you to get to the core of who you are…  Strip yourself of facades and mask you wear daily and introduce the true you to yourself first, and then to the world…  Those who are going to love you, will love you…  Those who won’t love you, are those who realize they’ve lost the control over you…  Staying true to who you are is one of the most fulfilling things in life, don’t cheat yourself out of living freely by living in bondage and a prison created  by people who are unsure of themselves…  You are enough, beautiful/handsome, chosen, limitless, and can do any and everything you want through and by the strength provided to you by Jesus Christ…  Stay true to you…

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