My Nodule: A constant reminder.

My Nodule: A constant reminder.

August 2017, I went to the OB/GYN to follow up for on a “mass” found on my ovary as well as receive my annual checkup. After the violation of my Vee-jay jay. The doctor asked, “Have you had a mammogram this year?” I answered, “No”…she quickly scheduled a test, as I headed to the “clip nip” machine (mammography or mastography), nervousness set-in while I under bra my girls. I took a moment to pray; “God, please let everything be good”. The test took about 15 minutes; done without an ultrasound. A few days later, I received a call back to have an additional mammogram accompanied by an ultrasound as well as a physician consultation. I was like; “Omg, this is it…this time”.  I have been getting mammograms for 28 years…every year it becomes harder and harder to stay positive!

Ok, let me explain. I have a consist reminder of Breast Cancer, which doesn’t derive from television commercials or pink ribbons and shirts worn during October. It came from a nodule found in my Left Breast when I was 16 years old.

The journey…

I remember being at basketball practice. We were running some full court drills and I began feeling discomfort in my left breast but didn’t pay much attention to the feeling and went on with my day. As my week went on; still feeling the discomfort in my chest, I never said a word, but Monday of the next week (back in the gym) in the process of going up for a layup; a pain I never felt before hit me in my left breast.  I went up for the shot, and came crashing down to the gym floor. It was the most awful pain I have ever felt in my life and I had a baby already.  My teammate called my mom and she came –taking me to the doctor right then. The doctor asked me numerous questions…he came to the conclusion that I had a pulled muscle because both occurrences happened in the gym. He then prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory that helped for a moment but a few days later I experienced the same pain accompanied with a milky liquid substance coming from my nipple. The next morning my mother took me to the local health department where the nurse practitioner examined me, stated I had a nodule and scheduled me an appointment with an OB/GYN specialist, immediately. The next week I went to the specialist; she did a hand exam, mammogram and then an ultrasound, which led to a biopsy. After the biopsy, she started to explain everything about the test she had conducted as well as the length of time for the result of the biopsy.

The specialist explained to me about the current state of the nodule…and a chance of the “it” Malignant or benign as well as breaking down both scenarios. I was so nervous but still didn’t realize the severity of the situation. I never encounter anyone with Breast Cancer at that time in my life nor had that discussion with anyone…Breast Cancer was foreign to me. The practitioner gave me information on the symptoms of…The procedures and treatment of…and the conclusion of most. I was terrified for a moment, but being young; life was life –without worry of consequences. When my mom and I made it home, she asked me if I understood the situation…I answered, yes and went on as usual. The nodule was “benign”…thank God, but I had to get a mammogram every year after that situation. In my late twenties, the nodule began to change -adding ultrasound to the yearly mammogram. Now I am in my 40’s, the pain is back and my most recent ultrasound shows abnormalities. What was once a yearly mammogram/ultrasound is now be every six months. But…

Throughout this journey with “My Nodule”,  I have encountered patients, co-workers, and church member with the disease (some battled and won; others lost), and I have became a wiser and more mature- equipped with more knowledge of Breast Cancer.  Even knowing what I know now, I chose to be that teen –praying for the best result and going on with my life as usual -knowing that what God has for me is for me.

To be continued….

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