Mr. 3000

James Lewis, CEO

Noire3000/N3K Photo Studios

Atlanta, Georgia

James Lewis is the CEO and photographer of Noire3000 photography company
Located in Atlanta,GA area well known for the quality of work within theme like variety projects. The images is the attraction that draws in this audience that realize this pure work of imagery. Check my interview with James Lewis below:

RYG: Was the photography business something you always wanted to do, if not what career decision did you desire to make before establishing Noire3000 ?
I started out as a Graphic Designer working in Corporate America. That was the initial field that I planned to pursue following my graduation from College. However I was always interested in photography from childhood and it just all fell in place years later. 
RYG: How did you get started with Norie3000, what was your vision behind the brand when developing this company from ground up?
Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios was started in 2008 following my job layoff. My vision behind my brand was always to keep a very out of the box artistic perspective on everything I captured.
RYG: Who are the people behind the N3K Studio Brand, can you inform us on how much those people you work with impacted the vision you had for the company,How is it like working with your team, how important is everyone role on the team?
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My team is comprised of highly skilled makeup artists, hair stylists, designers and wardrobe stylists that I’ve worked with over the past 7 years. I would like to think it’s quite magical working with my team of professionals.
RYG: Now Models you work with don’t just come from Atlanta,GA, your clients travel from different states to work with your company, did you think at any moment when establishing this company that it would have reach a massive popularity success for models to come build their portfolios and help create the creative imagery of N3K as it has today?
My clients actually travel from different countries as well as states. I had one client to fly all the way from Tokyo, Japan to shoot with me back in 2013. I’ve also traveled abroad in Europe working and expanding my brand. I always imagined that my company would be global, I just didn’t realize how soon it would happen.
RYG: Speaking of the imagery that N3K creates with models / clients, what is your creative process like ?, How do you come up with the ideas for your N3K Catalogs, How much does the everyday current events or history has an impact on your work, what was your inspiration behind Icons of the bible catalog shoot?
That is way too many questions in one for starters…LOL…however my creative process is unique in1FS that I draw inspiration from everyday scenery, social situations in the country, music, fashion and many other events that transpire in life. Icons of the Bible was inspired by my passion to introduce a more factually diverse interpretation of the many characters that have been White Washed throughout history. 
RYG: When it comes to giving back to the community does N3K Studios get involved with any charitable events?
Yes my studio produces Fashion Shows every year since 2009 and we donate a portion of the proceeds to various charitable organizations.
RYG: What kind of advice do you have for the youth who has a passion for photography and looking into getting in the business or just looking to start their own business with their passion just like you did?
For starters you must have drive and determination! Starting a business is not a walk in the park and if you are not self motivated and willing to put the time into your passion it will never work. 
norie3RYG: James that’s an interesting statement, but what kind of advice have you giving your clients when they come in your studio, I do recall you gave some tips to a client by the name of Nick Thomas who has also done some amazing work with N3K Studio, can you recall anytime you gave a client some tips of advice that has had a impact on helping their modeling career grow ? you know something that may could help develop their image to give the model portfolio image a boost. 
It’s funny that you bring up Nick Thomas…I was actually the first professional photographer to shoot Nick and to help him establish his portfolio. I was also the first professional photographer to shoot Keith Carlos, who has now gone on to become the first male to win America’s Next Top Model. The advice I give all models is to be the blank canvas that clients need when they book you, stay positive, stay focused and most important…BE ON TIME!!!!
RYG: Ok sounds good, Can you give the audience some insight on the man behind the camera, who is James Lewis ? 
we have seen the art that N3K Studio and the clients that come in studio create, tell us about you, what does the daily life consist of ?
I am an artist to the core, I love painting, sketching, sculpting, writing, and of course capturing the world through my lens. However outside of that I am a very reserved individual, not into the big Atlanta night life. I occasionally go out to live jazz spots, galleries, hang with friends and just enjoy life. I’m a fan of being in the limelight, I prefer staying behind the scenes and letting my work speak for me.
RYG: What are some things you would like to share to give a more in-depth look on who you are, you know they say isn’t the success of the person that inspires others but it’s the story behind the success that inspires a nation, what were some struggles that you experienced when working towards your dream?
I faced most of the uncertainties that most Entrepreneurs experience. New fish in this huge pond of other photographers in a very competitive field, however  I did not allow any of that to stop me from establishing a name for myself in this industry. africamap
RYG: Thanks for sharing that piece of information with us, what can we expect from Noire3000 in 2015 ?
and is it possible that your company may come out with a magazine or anything that the supporters can purchase such like a calendar to display ?
Noire3000 | N3K Photo Studios is always expanding in one way or another. Currently one of my latest series entitled YORUBA AFRICAN ORISHAS is available for purchase online at: of that my most recent photography series ICONS OF THE BIBLE is on display at APACHE CAFE located in Atlanta,GA until February. 
Interview by Sammie Preston IV
Photos: Noire3000 Photography

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