Mic Ruckazz ft. P.Hil Guttah: A journey into a Hip Hop Horror Story

ruckazz1Grinders, it was the night before Christmas…two talented Emcees journeyed into a cold chillin’ World where garbage can Rappers live. This place is filled with unqualified Rappers -drooling un-crafted lyrics from their lips. Scary as it is, this short journey seem to be taking a turn for the worst,now everyone sound alike…!

Let’s learn more about this Hip Hop Horror Story from Mic Ruckazz and P. Hil Guttah.

RYG: Tell us about Hip Hop Horror story?

Hip Hop Horror Story is about today’s culture of Hip Hop, and how politics is developing an Art-form that is lacking lyricism and creativity, which are the key factors of good quality music.

RYG: In what ways do you think the past election will affect the music industry?

MR:  I think the past election will have some artists in a uproar and we should expect more songs about “The System” that only consider African Americans 3/5 of a Human Being…more people are waking up to their hidden agendas.

RYG: How can the music industry better uplift the community?

MR: The music industry can uplift awareness by screening and putting out quality music with substance – stimulating and educating positivity to raise the consciousness of our community.

 Words of encouragement.

Love yourself, you can be anybody you wanna be…just have Faith of a mustard seed.

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