A Journey into Monet…

Mia Monet



Ok Grinders, Let’s take a journey into the life of Monet; a musical artist and model.

RYG: Chamere, how did you form the name “Mia Monet”?
Monet: I came up with the name Mia Monet from using my nickname Mia and my middle name is Monet.
RYG: When did you first experience the fashion bug?
Monet: I first experienced the fashion big when I was in 7th grade.
Photography by TRW Photography/Shineka Miller
Photography by TRW Photography/Shineka Miller

RYG: I read you took a break from the fashion industry but continued in music. How difficult was it to get back into modeling?

Monet: It wasn’t hard at all it was very easy to pick back up.
RYG: Being an musical artist as well as a model which would you say the most difficult? Why?
Monet: Being an music artist is definitely much harder. It’s like another world when dealing with music you have to tap into it by creating good material that people can feel also it’s harder for an woman who does music you have to go hard and gain respect.
RYG: Do you have any upcoming projects in music or modeling?
Monet: I am working on my upcoming album named C.R.E.A.M expected to drop winter. I also have an few magazine features that I will be debuting in within the next couple of months.

 Words of Inspiration

Never give up on your dreams. You have to work hard for the things you want; never expect anything to be just handed to you.

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