Oh, How Devine…

Gabrielle Devine Mua, CEO of Devine Makeup 4 U

Atlanta, Georgia

RYG:  Have you always wanted to become a Makeup Artist? I can honestly say that I have not always wanted to be a makeup artist. Growing up I was very intrigued with the cosmetics industry, I knew I loved to play with hair and makeup I just was not aware at the time that this was my calling or passion. As I got older I began to do makeup on some of my friends just for fun ya know? lol. The feeling I would get after seeing how beautiful my friends would feel looking in the mirror after I finished there makeup was priceless. This is the same feeling I get with each of my clients to this day and it is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to show someone how truly beautiful they are starting with the inside out. This is why my business partner(Nikea Sheray) and I started our company “GlamUrEyez” pronounced “glamorize”, where I focus on all things makeup and she focuses on all things hair so that we can give our clients the best of both worlds. gabrielle
RYG: Would you tell us about your strangest photo shoot? I have not had many strange photo shoots. I can say that the strangest photo shoot I have ever had was my first one. I was so excited to be doing makeup for an actual model who would share these pictures in her portfolio. I showed up to set not knowing what to expect. I was so nervous and I’m sure everyone could tell, although no one ever mentioned it. I remember the photographer telling me the look that was needed for the shoot and I was happy that I was able to deliver what he asked for. I remember standing around while the model begin to shoot and the photographer yelling out “Makeup” lol since this was my first shoot I didn’t realize that touch ups would be needed and thats what “Makeup” meant .. no worries I learned quickly. I say this is my strangest photo shoot because this was the only time I was ever uncomfortable on set only because I did not know what to expect. Any set past my first I have been comfortable because I realize knowing that every set and every team you work with will be different is what makes the working experience so special.gabby2
RYG: What experience would you like your clients to remember after being Devined? After I finish enhancing my clients I want them to remember a beautiful, loving, comfortable experience no matter how many hours,days,months, or years it has been. I want them to remember the feeling of sitting in my chair and just being able to be themselves no judging,worrying or stressing and me appreciating them just for who they are. I want them to remember the feeling of knowing that they are special and unique and thats how they were treated. I want them to remember the moment they looked in the mirror and possibly saw themselves in a different “light”. I want them to remember how beautiful they are starting on the inside.
RYG: What are some common skincare mistakes you see in the industry? SkinCare mistakes I often see in the industry are some of the smallest things that make the greatest impacts. For example the products that individuals use to care for there skin not realizing that everything is not for everyone. Everyone’s skin is different some people are really oily some people are really dry and flakey these two skin conditions I just mentioned are major factors when it comes to picking out a daily skin regiment ( washing, toning, and moisturizing ). I sincerely suggest that everyone makes an appointment with esthetician at least twice a year so that they are able to help find the best product for your skin.

gabbyRYG: Were there many hurdles getting established as a artist? If I said that there have not been many hurdles becoming an established Makeup Artist I would be telling a lie. However I am not one to focus on the things that have tried to stand in my way or will try to stand in my way. I know for a fact that  when doing something that you are very passionate about you will hear a lot of NO’s! I also know for a fact that when you are very passionate about what you do hearing NO only pushes you to go harder and when you get the right YES it will show you how irrelevant all of those NO’s were .

RYG: Who have helped to drive your passion? Many people have helped to drive my passion. The first and most credit to be given is to God he has given me this talent, my passion, a strong support team, the push and the drive to get to where I am now and to continue to become successful.The next group of people are my biggest supporters my immediate family and handful of really close friends. This last group that I will mention is definitely no where near last every client, model, photographer, videographer, production company,team and even strangers that I don’t know that just reach out to me and encourage me through there kind words all continue to help drive my passion and make me a better Gabrielle and Makeup Artist all around.

RYG:  What words would you give to the next makeup artist? The words I will share with the next makeup artist and any other entrepreneur is to KEEP GOING. If you have a passion and a love for something push for what you believe in. Things will not be easy but with out sacrifice how can you truly build your character and your business. Keep your head up and work hard, nothing will be given to you. Just remember anything worth having is worth earning. You can do whatever you put your mind and heart too. Now GO GET IT!!



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