Make Down

Hello Ladies, got some amazing new…since a couple of stars have been seen with less make-up; now it is time to “Make Down” your faces. The clothes are brighter and the make-up is lighter… like really?

Jennifer Lopeznicki mianjneutral eyeshadow

“Make Down” (that’s right) the opposite of “Make-up”.  Now, that means not as much color on the lips and eyes but still use foundation and concealer to make your appearance look flawless. 387-mac-cosmetics-warm-cozy-lipsticneutral eye make up

Use black eyeliner with pink matte lipstick or neutral lip gloss as well as neutral eyeshadow.  This will give you a spring fresh and energized look which will inspire your friends to join the “Make Down” team.



Make up or Make down …REPRESENT YOU. Fashion changes daily; you should always be true to YOU!!!


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