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Drinah Hack, Radio Personality

Instagram handle is: a_la_drinah  Facebook: drinahthepersonality
RYG: Tell us a little about Drinah Hack; the radio personality?
Drinah Hack is a woman that is all about her business! but likes to add quirkiness and my easy-going persona in the mix of it! Drinah is as vibrant as a beautiful rainbow that loves to put a great show for the listeners out there and will find new and out of the box ways to do so! Last but not least, she loves to inspire and encourage others!
RYG: How long have you been in broadcasting? drinahhack1
March of this year made three years.
RYG: What issues or interests are discussed on your show?
Well first of  all I am an addition to the LOVELYAH-MAZINGonline Women’s station based here in Baltimore called RIB Radio  where we are ” Made from a Man, but built by Women”. On our show we chat about arts, culture current news and of course ENTERTAINMENT! and how it relates to women today.
RYG: Which female journalist inspires (d) you the most?
Ugggggh! such a tough decision to make (smiles) I am gonna have to go with Barbara WaltersI pick Ms.Walters because of her longevity, tenacity and one of my favorite words that I use a lot…. PASSION! By far she is one of the most if not THEE only woman in this industry who loves what she does and you can see it when you look at herher work her facial expressions… I can go on and on.
RYG: What would you like your audiences to take from the show?
 Hmmmmm… this is a good question if  its only one thing that listeners take with them I want that to be COURAGE. On R.I.B. Radio we have had a lot of inspirational guests on our show some range from musicians, to authors, and even playwrights. One thing I noticed with them that made them pursue their dreams is their courage and drive. Anything that you want to pursue in life takes drive and Courage.
RYG: Words of inspiration to inspiring journalists?
     In this order, TRUST BELIEVE and have Faith!

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