Been getting money since the 90’s…

Kenneth Rich, Jr.

Kenneth, tell us how long have you been in the industry?

10 Years

Being a Artist and a Producer, which best describes you?

Very creative and versatile, understanding of both sides of the game.

Do you feel the message in Millennial Hip Hop is more self-hatred than self-love?

kid1I don’t think it’s either one, but I also don’t think the message is any good either. These artist are just talking about what they see and are told to rap about, because if you don’t you don’t sell records. In the underground music scene, you will find more artist that are about Self -Love.

How can we start to heal the hurt in Music?

The music industry needs to start supporting more positive artists. Placing more artists with a message to uplift the youth on mainstream platforms.

Words of wisdomKid album cover

Stay focus and don’t let anyone say you can’t achieve your goals, because anything is possible.


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