Why my music is my Life…

Jessi Jone

Baltimore, Maryland
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Early Life

Hanging out with friends, listening to music, playing basketball, cheer-leading and spending time with her family was the norm for the young Jessi Jone.
That all changed at the age of 11 when Jessi saw Lil Wayne’s group Young Money and wanted to become a rapper. Although she didn’t take it serious at the time Jessi began to write rhymes and pay attention to the Hip Hop genre.
After watching a Nicki Minaj interview on the Monique show, Jessi began to take rapping serious and spent hours writing her first rhyme. In addition to Nicki Minaj, Jessi Jone was also influence by Mc Lyte, Drake, Lil Wayne and The Notorious B.I.G. These inspirations and listening to other genres of music like Country and R&B helped Jessi to perfect the art of storytelling and her unique style.

Musical career

With nothing making her happier than listening to and making music Jessi Jone has embarked on her music career. She had a love for the arts at a very young age recording her first song at the age of nine and performing in front of an audience by the age of eleven. It was that first performance at her middle school talent show where she first began to impress people with her lyrical skills and stage presence. Jessi has also performed in plays including one where she portrayed rap icon Mc Lyte. Jessi who describes her music as “fun filled, clean and young” began to develop a following when her self- produced freestyles over industry beats began to circulate around Baltimore. This popularity also led to regular performances all over the DMV area for Jessi Jone; gaining her a solid reputation for electrifying crowds.
In 2014, Jessi won “Best Songwriting Award” for her lyrical ability beating out nine other competitors’ at the Uplifting Minds II Entertainment Conference. After releasing her first single Jessi is now working on her debut CD.

Words of encouragement

jessi2Music is my Life, If you want to make it in the music industry you can never give up. I have known that I love music at a very young age. Then I started pursuing it. I know every opportunity is not for me. When my opportunity of a life time comes along I will know because this is gods plan. I put my 150% into everything I’m doing. You never fail until you quit!! you can put that on everythang!!! Jessi!! AYEEE!!!
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