Unwrap the life of Jemel Brown…J Hakeem…EL Mariachi

Ladies let me tell you about a Christmas gift that is single and handsome with a lyrical artistry that will amaze you. You want to jemel3know more? Come with me…RepYoGrind is about to unwrap the life of Jemel Brown. 

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Jemel Brown “El Mariachi” is an artist, rapper, producer & sound engineer from Baltimore MD with a focus on Hip-Hop, Alternative & R&B. Jemel has been active in the DMV music scene for 10 years due to his love for music and great passion for producing. Jemel’s musical style is lyrical, emotional & provocative. Jemel is actively touring and promoting his new album: El Mariachi Lp 5.0 (Revamped Remixed Remastered) available for purchase on Tidal, Amazon, Apple Music & CreateSpace.
About Love…

RYG: Are you in a relationship? If not or If so, what are the most important components of building a strong bond?

Unfortunately no I am not in a relationship right now. The components of a strong bond with in a relationship to me are: “Friendship” you have to be good friends first before anything. Another component is being able to contribute something equally & congruently to the relationship. Its an important component that I can do for and provide & spoil my woman in a relationship. As far as the woman she has to know or have some type of relationship with God.

She don’t have to be a saint however we have to both have some sort of connection with God and of course I’m a man and we are “visual” creatures, so she has to be visually appealing to me (Voluptuous, buxom, pear shape, Heavyset, thick etc…) I like BBW women.

About your Son…

RYG: What are some ways you help your son express his emotions?jemel5

I will not lie. I have not been around my child to teach & instill in him valuable lessons like expressing his emotions. This relates back to your first question… (Am I in a relationship?)

I am not in a relationship with her anymore (with my child’s mother) and since we broken up she has taken my Son with her out of Maryland. Alienating me in the process and I don’t know were she or my Son is.

I have to go threw the difficult court/custody process to obtain visitation & be able to be in his life or even see him so I can teach him how to properly & constructively express his emotions like a smart young man.

I can say this. He’s very eclectic & artistic like me already I find. He is only 2 years old and I see he likes to beat on his toy drum all the time. His mother is a educated woman. So the core foundation is there. However I have to & will be there to cultivate it and guide him to express & articulate himself creatively as well as constructively in an educated manly manner.

Only a man can teach him (a boy) this & i will do this through exposing him to literature, creative writing, dramatic reading & the arts like music & culinary arts. This is a great way for him to convey & express his emotions properly.

RYG: How can we better teach our children gratitude?

I just came from James McHenry school talking to some young men about this subject. I learned a lot with these young brothers talking to them. You can teach children gratitude buy not giving them everything initially. Buy making them work for it. Encourage them and give them an incentive. But instill in them humility so that they know not to take anything for granted in life. Teach them manners. Make them have chores and reward them a pond completion. Also show them what its like to not have something they really want. Young men show gratitude & become very grateful when they experience these things I find. Especially when they experience this from there fathers.

About your music…


The Revamped, Remixed & Remastered J.Hakeem is all about my journey & reinvention as an artist & man. I’m evolving creatively & in life. My creative skills have evolved as an artist, producer & musician. This year I have done and meet my personal goals like having an original single “Midnight & Crimson” on real syndicated radio like WOLB 1010 AM Baltimore, Power 103.5 Oklahoma Its also playing internationally in Korea, in Japan on J-Wave Radio & in China across seas in parts of Asia. I also released a full retail album El Mariachi Lp 5.0 on apple music, tidal & in stores.

I successfully completed a domestic tour for my album El Mariachi Lp 5.0 in the DMV which included preforming at places like “Bus Boys & Poets” in DC &  “The 2016 Rep Yo Grind Awards” & “The Living Stage” at Hotel RL this year. Artistically these are firsts for me. I’ve never done these things before. I got outside of my “controlled recording studio setting” and started to deliver my music and records to the world. I also produced music for & worked with a lot of great artist & colleagues like Damon Blue, Tim Tress, B. Rich & Cappadonna from Wu- Tang Clan.

jemel2My album 5.0 is my best work ever. I wrote, recorded & produced everything myself in its entirety. My current singles: Meant 2 Be, Isaiah & Midnight & Crimson are doing very well.

So I have “revamped” myself musically as an over all great artist, preformed & live entertainer.

I am a new father now. So my life is completely changed. I had to remaster myself and better myself as a man because I’m a father and I had to change my life. I found God. I started working out a lot and I changed my body and health so i can be around long for him. I choose Abundant Harvest Ministries with Steven Lawrence as my spiritual home. I found God & He has been a great brother to me & spiritual role model. This is a major remastering of myself and its for the better as a young man.

About your Interests…

RYG: What are your plans for New Years 2017?

For 2017 the new years. I plan to master my craft & my life. 1. I will be in my Sons life and be a great father regardless if me and his mother are not together. That’s number 1 to me. A major first for me in 2017 in my career is film and movies. I am in a Film Called “Perkaset” by: TD Productions. This my first time & my first small role or doing something like that ever. The Perkset Movie will be released in 2017.

Also in 2017 I am starting filming for a TV project called “Baltimore Heat” with Steve Yarn & Micheal Reiner about black firefighters in Baltimore City. I just landed this role and its a blessing. Again “Perkaset The Movie” is the first time I ever stepped into that arena of “acting” at all. Doors are opening up in the world of TV & Film for me now and jemel6I can only thank God for being generous and his mercy because I can’t believe this stuff myself.
I can’t say to much about The Baltimore Heat TV Project right now. Rep yo grind is the first magazine I’m telling about this. All I can say is its going to be a positive depiction of Baltimore MD and it will show us in a new light different from the wire & the riots that happened here.

In 2017 I’m also releasing a new album called: El Mariachi Imagodei which means: Made in the image of God. I just debuted a record called “Roots” I believe in the current climax of today AA need to remember and go back to the beginning and there “Roots” . I learned this Piney Woods Mississippi while in school. That’s what my new song is about. I wrote, produced it and recorded roots. I made it from the theme song of the original 198 TV series Roots. My new album with be something special.

So 2017 holds a lot for me. I’m a new father & a new man. I’m new in the film, movie & TV world and I’m releasing a brand new album. So I’m revamped, remixed & in 2017 …. I’m going to have this thing “MASTERED”

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2 Replies to “Unwrap the life of Jemel Brown…J Hakeem…EL Mariachi

  1. Very interesting view on life
    I share a lot in common in regards to your son so I know what it’s like not to be in your children life
    You appear to have quite a positive outlook on life along with a deep spirituality which is your guide
    Thank you for sharing
    Hope is all we have and God never gives us more than we can cope with.

    1. Soory it took so long to reply Micheal Palmer I was very late seeing you comment. Thank you brother. I really appreciate your words man. Yes, I try my best to keep a positive outlook on things & stay focused on God in spite of things. That situation with my son is a hard pill to swallow so i have to find constructive outlooks on things. Music helps a lot. Relating to people like you also helps bro. i want tothank you again man. big ups!!!!! Stay up Fam!!

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