Is it TooMuch for ya?

Tami TooMuch

Baltimore, Maryland

TRW Photography/Shineka Miller

Born Tamara Danyell Stanley on January 29th 1974, known now as “Tami Toomuch”. She has always had a passion for show business. Age the age of 3, Tami was featured in her first fashion show. Later Tami began to  pursue other entertainment outlets such as acting in church plays, piano and the drums, ballet, and performing in the high school choir.

Tami” became a mother at an young age many of her dreams got put on the back burner to concentrate on graduating high school  raising her children.  While Tami’s dreams simmered she  was very active with her children’s school fashion and talent shows, as well as their football and cheer-leading activities. Even entering her son in a LIL Wayne contest that came to the area.

Later in life after her four children became adults, Tami began to get her toes wet in the Baltimore entertainment industry.  First, connecting with Hip Hop Artist EV Newman who wanted to get back out on the music scene -introducing Newman to a  Music Producer Rube Rice. This team was well on it way.  

While getting a small buzz brewing in the Baltimore area “Ms Toomuch”  was determined to build a name and a brand all her own. In 2012, Tami Toomuch received a call from one of Baltimore’s Hottest Hip Hop legends; KMack tami3Knokville, formerly of the Hip Hop duo Annexx Clique for management.  Feeling honored the offer was definitely accepted, which was the true beginning of TooMuch Management and its partnership with Knokville Entertainment.

Since 2012 Tami Toomch has successfully been apart of running two companies with independent funds. Completingtami2 business deals for radio shows, album release parties, hosting events, listing parties, fashion shows, festivals, community charity events, awards ceremonies as well as  many music and comedy showcase. Tami, also provides advice and a helping hand to other artists and organizations;who reach contact her help.

Stay tuned for Tami Toomuch and the TooMuch Management Team as they strive to climb the ladder of the business entertainment industry.

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