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DCoy, Master Lyricist



Grinders, I had the pleasure of meeting a awesome artist by the name of “D” Coy. He is originally from California but calls Baltimore home now. “D” took a break from the mic, but recently decided to take the mic of the stand -bring back ol’ school Hip-Hop…Vocalistic style. Check out our interview below…

RYG: Before we get started. Would you like to send a shout out to anyone?

D”: I would like to give a shot out to my Full Stereo Family; “Work”, Sir-K, RegE. Rukus, Triz, Bishop Redss & my cousin Wolf Wanggg back in Cali (L.B.C) doing his Thizzle. Team RepYoGrind for the support & everybody that’s ever supported any artist or Producer from Full Stereo Recordings.   dcoy3

RYG: How did you start in the industry?

mr.vocalisticD”:  I got serious about pursuing my career in 2007, but I was fortunate to encounter some experience working with the artist; “Work” from Full Stereo Recording on two well-crafted albums in 2001 & 2004.

RYG: Who influenced your sound?

D”:  My sound is influenced by early 90’s…late 80’s Hip-Hop sprinkled with a lot of 70’s soul train get up.

RYG: What are some of the misconception about the industry?

D”: Some of the misconception in the industry is that the Artists are Happy. No, more money more problems. dcoy4Another misconception is you are your own person…you are NOT. You are owned by the label that signed you and you are not doing the music you love; you are handing music that will make the industry money.

RYG: Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome?

D”: The biggest obstacle was getting the music played on the radio as well as the lack of supporters when the projects was finally finished…everyone wanted to be in the videos but no one wanted to step up and help circulate the material. We overcame by never getting up and continue making music.

RYG: What are your words of inspiration for the RepYoGrind fam?

D”: Do what your gut tells you because you will never lead you astray.


What’s next for “D” Coy?

 Incharmcityterview with the Man you know and Love…Edigga of Charm City Direct Radio showDate to be announced.

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