For the love of music…

Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix

Tell us about Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™
Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™ is a singer, a musician, a lover, a brother, a son, and a friend. Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™  is full of hope and ambition for all the wonderful possibilities music, life, love, and artistry have to offer. He loves love, and music brings all of what makes Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™ him, together.
Has anyone ever said that you have a gospel sound?
Oh wow, I guess i have. A church sound is so eclectic, so whenever I hear someone compare me to church or to gospel music, I’m honored and flattered that I’ve been compared to so much influential music. There’s Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Daryl Coley, The Clark sisters, and so many more and to be hear anyone say, Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™ has a church sound makes me feel like I’ve well on my way to being remembered for changing how people hear mainstream music, forever.
 Who are some of your favorite artist and how have those artist influenced your sound?
Well, some of my favorites are Carl Thomas, Luther Vandross, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, B.Slade, Brandy, and Kim Burrell, just to name a few. I mean, all of these artist offer so many different things musically from their vocality, down to their production. As it relates to my overall sound, I think all of these artist, collectively, have taught me to captivate. I’ve learned that people will gawk over the prettiest girl or the star athlete because they’ve been captivated by 2 things. What they saw, and what they heard. Generally, this is true more so as it relates to what you heard about them but it still applies the same. These men and women have taught me to captivate the eyes and the ears and to leave a lasting impression that can’t be forgotten. I wanna captivate and I wanna be remembered always.
 How do you separate yourself from the other R&B Artists?
In my opinion, R&B has lost its way. I think that, very seriously, the artwork that makes up R&B artist in today’s mainstream society is glitz and glamour. Not true vocality or mesmerizing and memorable lyricism. After all the member only jackets, gold chains, grillz, and fake diamond earrings, where’s the next voice of our time? I mean, these artist look good but what do they sound like? After autotune and groundbreaking mixing and mastering, all you really have is a cute face with no real talent at all. What separates me from these artist is my voice and my willingness to captivate when called upon. Too many artist are so bashful or rather, prideful and never want to showcase their art when asked. I was at the barbershop the other day and the guy cutting my hair says to me, “if you’re really all that good my dude, sing right now”. So he turns down the surround sound, I guess so everyone at the shop could hear me (amaze or make a complete fool of myself) and without hesitation, I sang a few bars of one of my favorite R&B songs, “Beauty” by Dru Hill. And, just like that, they were captivated. The entire shop was amazed at my willingness to sing as well as my ability to actually do just that. Though nerved, I did it without hesitation and gained a few new fans as well. So, yeah, that’s what separates me from other R&B artist in this day and age. The ability to actually walk the walk and talk at the same time.
What are some of your up coming events?
Ad®ien3 Pho☆nix™ has a few things coming up. One of those being a show this coming February in Baltimore. Check out my fan page Adriene Phoenix or check us out on IG and Twitter @adrien3phoenix for more upcoming events, music, and other great things coming in 2016.
Words of Inspiration.
Whatever happens, don’t give up on your dreams. Be excited about what’s coming, even if it’s only a small glimmer of what’s to come. i mean, really, if you’re not excited about your dreams, why should i be? The bible says to Write the vision and make it plain so that they, they being people (the fans, the record execs, the investors, etc), can run that read it. Run in this instance means to get excited. I should be just as excited about your dream as you are, if not more. So, if it’s your dream, then chase it and make me wanna chase it too.


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  1. I loved your interview it was a blessing and very inspirational encouraging for me .. I have known you for awhile and you know that I know God has something amazing waiting for you the anointed so you keep your prayer up and keep singing and bless the world with your many talents God bless you 😘

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