Flash Back Style: Braids for life…

In the 80’s and 90’s Braids ruled. If you didn’t have braids after “Poetic Justice” something was wrong with you. Janet Jackson rocked the edges out of those braids.  I went to see that movie and the next day made an appointment to get my scrap pulled and the place with packed. I have had braids before but it seemed Janet brought the “Box Braids” to life.patrice_rushen

When I was younger, younger –ok, very young. My aunt would braid my hair every month. I rocked the “Princess Leia”, the braid ponytail with the part in the middle, and the over to one side with the sponge roll-set…lol. But, nothing…I mean nothing was like…when I got the “Bee Hive”. I thought I was the queen of Egypt. You hear me. I loooovvvveeed the “Bee Hive” Braids. I remember seeing Patrice Rushen with thousand of beads…I wanted that. Oh Yes, I got them. I was not going to let my mother rest until…I couldn’t lay on my head, but I had my beads. 

bo-derek_ba0b6255Braids have been a part of “Black” or “African American” culture since Africa. The fascination for Braids was so extreme –Bo Derek had to rock them in the film“10”…and Mercedes did a great job on her hair. Ok, I do know who her stylist was but she did a great job.

Brandy+2Another celebrity known for her braids…Brandy; Brandy rocked braids so long that I thought she would never take them out…but she did. Congratulations.

Listen, It doesn’t matter if you was born in 2000’s, 1990’s, or 1950’s braids have always been an expression of creativity…they will never go out of style.  If you haven’t had braids…try them…you may have a headache (for only the first couple of days) but you will have a month to be on time for everything…lol.

Enjoy the Braid…

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