The Perfectionist…


Eddie Garrett (Barber)

            “The Perfectionist
Edmondson Village Barbershop
4506 Edmondson Ave
Baltimore, MD  21229
Shop: 410-947-2233


Motto: cause you only fail when you don’t try”

RYG: How long have you been a Male Groomer (Barber)?DSCN0056

EG : Professionally 19 years

RYG: Why did you choose this profession?

EG: I have always loved barbering, but I was working in a factory. Well, the factory had a laid-off and I was one of the persons let go.  After a while, they called us back to work; only to laid-off again.  Right then; I decided to become a barber. I signed up for school and have enjoyed my decision ever since.

RYG: What do you love about this industry?

EG: Everything! I enjoy meeting new clients and sharing life experience with my regular clients.  The creativity it takes to produce outstanding work constantly.  Enhancing my clients’ appearance; making them feel good.

RYG: What have been some challenges you had to face?

EG: Several years ago, I went into the hospital for a routine hernia surgery. During surgery the physician or his assistant hit a nerve in my right arm. Now, I deal with twitching and involuntary movements in that arm. Through it all, my clients remained faithful. I just thank God because the incident happened to my right arm but I am left handed.

RYG: What advice do you have for new barbers coming into the industry?

EG: Have respect for your craft and your clients. Give your clients the type of service you would appreciate if you were on the receiving end.  Dress with prestige and honor.  Give back to your client as well as the community you service.  Never stop enhancing your craft.  Have unity.

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2 Replies to “The Perfectionist…

  1. Hey, just wanted to say what a talented barber Eddie is and that he definately lives up to his name “The Perfectionist” because he make sure that his client is tight before he/she leaves his chair. Congrats Ed!!!!!

  2. Very motivational!………….i love your faith!…………sometimes people to become so focused with the worldly issues that they forget that GOD is still GOD! Continue to have faith in him, and people will have faith in the god they see in you!……….GOD BLESS

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