Inspiring change through music

Deeside Cultural Dance Group

Deeside Parish of Trelawny Jamaica

deeside5The Deeside Cultural Youth Group (DCYG) was formed in a small District called Deeside in the Parish of Trelawny in Jamaica by a young lady; Clevene Baker in February 2008. The group was basically formed to get the youths in the Community together instead of sitting around not doing anything. It was also a way to showcase the talents within the Jamaican Culture. Inspiring change through music.

RYG: After forming DCYB, what are some of achievements?

DCYG: Forming the DCYG was the best thing that ever happened to the youths in the group; reason being, we the group members decided to take our first step by entering the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission(JCDC)Festival not knowing what we would be facing nor what other groups we would be competing against. Entering the Competition our group came out VICTORIOUS by winning numerous Awards (Best Costumes Overall, Best Drummers, Best Dancers, Best teacher, Best Singer who goes by the name Sista Quanna now, Most Outstanding Group and Performance) etc.

RYG: Who are the members of the Group?deeside3

  • Andrae Barrett / Carmeisha Smith
  • Dentrise Leslie/ Glennis Taylor
    Randel Morris / Markland Brown
    Sadiea Jackson / Damian Riley 
    Jovan Morris / Tafari  Watson 
    Kemar  Williams / Andrea Foster 
    Terrence Ferguson.

RYG: In what ways do Deeside Cultural Youth Group inspire the youth in Jamaica as well as aboard?

deeside2DCYG: As a group in the Community we inspire young people by showing them that in anything you planning on doing and wanting to succeed it comes… with Love, Dedication and “Togetherness”. “Group” meaning united together. So as long as we can come together…we can move Mountain. DCYG also shows that it is a good thing to embrace our Culture, remembering where we come from. Entertaining keep our ancestors’ history alive with every we sing, every dance and the playing of ours drums.

RYG: What are the special talents within the Deeside Cultural Youth Group?

DCYG: Singing, Dancing, and Drumming

RYG: How can youth join the Organization?

DCYG: By contacting us at +1-876-455-5041. One can join the organization if they are friendly, out spoken and has the ability to Sing, Dance and play the Drums.

deeside4RYG: Do you have any events coming soon?

DCYG: We always performing, but we perform on the Falmouth Trelawny Cruise Port as our part time Jobs and at a variety of Hotels in Jamaica.

RYG: Words of Inspiration.

DCYG: Our words of inspiration are to identify your talent or talents and work on them to the best of your ability. Stay focus and be positive. United We Stand. Divided we fall.

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