“D” Coy got that “Heat” with Funky Flow Lyric

“D” Coy aka Mr. Vocalistic

Got that HEAT w/Funky Flow Lyrics

“D” Coy is a smooth Hip Hop Artist that has been in the “Rap Game” many years. He is back with vengeance -demonstrating what true lyrics and rhyming is all about.

“D” Coy aka Mr. Vocalistic is a Long Beach California native, his lyrical spitting is a true representation of West Coast true nature of Hip Hop -living and breathing. Continuing the tradition of true Hip Hop, “D” Coy’s words of rhythm of rhyme is shouting down the “Trap Houses”….lol.


Determination… Hip Hop as it’s best, “D” Coy gave us two of his recent videos for your viewing pleasure. We had an opportunity to chat about the latest video “Heat” and here is what he had to say:

HEAT“: Is a song written by Mr.Vocalistic a.k.a “D”coy Produced by Sir-K for Kapital Productions and Filmed by TheHomieSean. “I wanted to come up with a anthem type song that all people could recite. My approach lyrically & energetically describing what you are hearing… HEAT, a musical journey showing my influence from the legends who inspired me to be creative in every angle of my Hip-hop &/or music. Some say they spit🔥 or they got bars, but it’s very unique to be an artist that’s constantly droppin heat! My goal is to give my audience a feel good vibe & I think this song does just that.

Funky Flow” a song written by Mr. Vocalistic/”D” Coy & Produced Sir-K, Filmed by 2016 RepYoGrind Award Winner; Videographer of the Year, Joshua Roberts.

“D” Coy: “I was challenging myself on this song because it was a lil different from what I was use to doing. The concept I went with was speeding up my delivery a tad bit as I was going over the lyrics; I kinda impressed myself and the flow was so funky that I just titled it “Funky Flow”. Self-explanatory!!!”


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