Color Me Ka’oir

kaoirThey are here!!! The bright and bold lips colors for 2013 Spring/Summer. Now,  I really enjoy these colors of Hotness; QUESTION: Do u coordinate with your skin  tone or your outfit? MMmm…

I think every female should try at least one color…wear it to the beach or to a fashionable party/event. Be your  own fashionista…and watch how many followers you get. All it takes is YOU- ALL your friends will be joining the Vibrant Lips Crusade (VLC)…

WARNING: PLEASE PURCHASE A FEW TUBES …I tried Pink…OMG!! That color did not look good on ME..LOL! But, the orange was popping.

The best vibrant colors in the world are from Keysha Ka’oir. Love her and the brand!!! She is a true Representative of Grind!!!


Locations and Prices for Vibrant Lips Crusaders:

Ka’oir $16.99-$21.99

“Bright long lasting color glide on silky & Smooth” Product is NOT animal Tested


   Color IT, Own IT, REPRESENT!








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