You good…I’m Good


Kay Hawk, Hip Hop Lyricist

Belzoni, Mississippi (B’Town)

Grinders, let me put you on to a young man that has added to the Hip-Hop game from the country to the city. Kay Hawk is from a small town in Mississippi by the name of Belzoni aka B’Town.  B’Town is a place where there is some much raw talent –waiting to be discovered…Kay Hawk is one of them. pmg


See, Kay Hawk and the Pulla Music Group are on a mission to bring real life situation from negative to positive by taking those things that could’ve kill them and their career –build their motivation to succeed. Kay Hawk has managed to maintain his determination to live his dream by having events and adding his community to his videos…truly showing where he’s from. He also took the community’s most favorite of dancing to develop the song “K- Walk”, allowing his audience to groove and add their own flare to the rhythm of the song.


Photo by Calvin Raphael

Now, he has released; “I’m, Good” which is penetrating the hearts of everyone that listen –prompting the words, “Hmmmm that’s how I feel sometimes”….while bobbing their head side to side.  Kay Hawk is a varsity young man that has squad of other lyricists beside him! So, stay tune…more artists are coming from the Pulla Music Group’s camp…


Rock Your Curves…


Ok, Rock Your Curves…

On July 17-21, 2014, Tykesha “Ms. Diva Doll” Reed and Chanell “Stallion N Stilettos” Jones, celebrated their 3rd year of Curves in Baltimore, Maryland – Curves Rock Weekend, was developed when these two fashion forward sisters decided in 2011; enough is enough.

Curves Rock Weekend is a way for curvy women to celebrate their fabulousness of fashion… cufflinks

Tykesha and Chanell are models with over 30 years combined in the fashion industry…their passion for fashion, which leaded them to create a weekend of #spectacularthickness.

Curves Rock Weekend 2014 held:

Host: Tionna Smalles, Author & TV Personality

Curvy Spokes Model Winner: Erica Hall

People’s Choice Award Winner: Natasha Bostic

Hyatt Regency Baltimore

300 Light Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Here are some photos of the vendors and designers in attendance…

T.A.P. into your Dreams…


Paris Smart, CEO/Founder

Tranquility Associate of Production & Fashion

Catonsville, Maryland

“T.A.P into your dreams”


Tranquility is a new production company located in the Catonsville, Maryland area. P. Smart is the Founder/CEO that developed this company because he has a true love of fashion & production.  If you want to enhance your career with classes in runway and presentation or stage choreography and production; Tranquility is for you.

 Tranquility offers:

  • Model Coaching (Runway, Print, Stance)
  • Stage Production
  • Dancer Choreography
  • Acting Coach (Line memorization)

For more information, please email or call 443-621-9588


Bass In Me…

Photos provided by Chron Musis website



Photos provided by Chron Music website

On June 24, 2014, I was in the airport in Atlanta waiting on my flight that was delayed three times…I did what I do –passed out my business cards. Then one of the men passed me a card and told me about a DJ Duo. My flight finally showed up and I made sure when I arrived in Baltimore…I looked them up and listened to their music, just say awesome!!!!

Chron is an American production duo; made up of two outstanding DJs; J.Dubb and Christianna. This electronic duo has a mixture of dance house and futuristic music that engaged everyone that listens.

If you are looking for a sound that will carry you on a journey of movement and enlightenment…visit After, you listen to Chron…you will realize all others are ordinary.

2014 A1 Music Record Pool


On last night; Sunday, June 29, 2014, A1 Radio hosted the 2014 A1 Music Record Pool. I had a great time. The were so many great artists in the building- representing Baltimore as well as VA. Everyone came together to illustrate the passion they share for Hip-Hop.

Several artists had their team of supporters in the building, where some artist didn’t need any help getting hyped for their performances…lol. I enjoyed seeing the love be expressed through words and body language.

Shout out to  WPB Radio… Radio on Fire.

Here are some photos from the event…

See you at your next event…