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Tranquility Associate Production

On September 1, 2014; Labor Day, there was surprises at the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, & Pennsylvania Ave.  A group of beautiful young ladies from Plush Modeling Agency and Tranquility Associate Production had an in-prompt too fashion show…Yelp, in the mist of Baltimore City!!!

This demonstration was to show other young ladies there is a market for them.  Plush believes uniqueness is what beauty is…! Plush Modeling Agency is looking for the type of beauty that is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  You have to understand there is more to modeling than Runway, there’s commercial, Elegant (35 plus), Part (hand, feet, etc.) and Tattoo…the list goes on and on.

Plush Modeling Agency has teamed up with Tranquility Associate Production to develop your runway stills, poses and facial features, dance chorography, stage presentation and production. This agency teaches more than modeling…they offer; interview coaching, makeup and style tips, and verbal communications. If you truly want to be your unique self…Plush Modeling Agency is for you.


The models posed with the beautiful ladies in the community (Pennsylvania AveDSCN0757

What’s Up….What’s Up….What’s Up!!!


Guess whose back on television Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer!!!

I love the new FX series; Partners, with Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer.

Partners is about a Unconventional Lawyer (Kelsey Grammer) who was fired from his father’s firm and needed a new firm to practice law when he meets Lawyer Marcus Jackson (Martin Lawrence) that needed help with his own personal case. After joining together as Partners…the laughs start rolling in…

Partners has a great cast andis a most see TV!!! It is funnnnnnnyyyyy… laughter that is good for the soul….

That’s my review… now get some popcorn and check out:

Partners on FX Monday Nights at 8:00PM Central…9:00PM ET/PT

The Art and Music…

dj twizz1

DJ Twizz


Born and raised in the city of Baltimore, Antwan Campbell aka Dj Twizz has always been inspired music at a young age.
dj twizzAt the age 10 he would sit at the radio for hours listen V103 fm recording ppl favorite songs and making mixtapes for local residents, classmates and even teachers.
Music has always been an inspiration to him. Idolizing greats like Bmore’s own Mike Crosby, Reggie Reg, DJ Boobie and others like Kid Cupri, Jam Master Jay, Dj Premiere, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5. He destined to be next in line to carry the torch.
Spinning anything from jazz to rock, he constantly creates smooth transitions with precision and the work ethic to climb his way to the top.
While he enjoys fusing beautiful music his first love was always art. He also is a very talented graphic arts showcasing his talendjtwizz2ts
with vibrant logos and awesome flyers and other publication designs and prints.
Photos from DJ Twizz Facebook page.

Why they don’t understand…?


It’s so hard to find understanding when you are in pursuit of obtaining your dream (grind).  I mean it’s hard to find someone that understands the vision you see when they can only see a small piece.

Many times you tell your husband, kids, or parents about what you want to do with your life, and they just say…that’s not a career –that’s a hobby. But, if they would only realize that videos was first started as a hobby, surfing was once someone’s hobby, and running was someone’s hobby…now look, it’s someone’s career.  Most hobbies turn out to be very successful careers…if you love it and want it bad enough.

If you don’t have support for what you love right now…just wait and continue to grind. Then watch how those that didn’t understand your vision; come back to support you.

“Use that lack of support to drive your passion to succeed in
whatever your dreams maybe…
sometimes in making your vision a reality –you have to walk alone…”

But, If you feel that it’s hard to find understanding in your grind. Just let us know (vent) about it…we have your back and we understand.

Talking from the Klouds…



Baltimore, Maryland

The Kloudtalkers are a rap group from East Baltimore, 25th Street & Harford Rd to be exact.   The group was formed by Kash Kloudtalker  a.k.a  FliMoneyKash in 2009. Yoda Fresh later joined in 2010 and the Kloudtalkers were established. The duo was friends long before the group formed.   They both grew up together on 25th street where they first realized their love for music.1407863669674


In 2008 while rapping in the group BlackMoney Kash & Fresh linked up with Syndicate Entertainment and began working toward a career in music. After a few complications the group BlackMoney dissolved leaving Kash & Fresh  as solo artists. During that time Kash formed The Kloudtalkers. Fresh was down with movement as well and the group became official. Kloudtalking although containing heavy marijuana overtones is all about elevation; socially, economically, spiritually and mentally.


1407863900148Our music reflects our life’s experiences present, past and future. We relay a message of relaxation while maintaining a motivation to achieve what may seem unattainable. Our versatility allows us to truthfully address a variety of topics without painting a false image of who we are. Kloudtalking not a phase it’s a lifestyle so sit back and enjoy the show!!!!