Flash Back Style: Converse “Chuck” Taylor


I was sitting think about my father and I realized he only wore “Chuck Taylor” Converse.  I mean every day of his life –cutting the grass, painting the house, and shooting the hoops. He loved those Converse…I think he had at least 10 pair –white, blue, or black. Maybe those wear the only colors at the time, I can’t remember.

So, I look up the history of the Converse and found some interest stuff I would like to share with you.

History of  the CONVERSE…

converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-hi-boston-143160f-03The Converse Rubber Company was established by Marquis M. Converse in Massachusetts in 1908. The company was already making shoes called, “Galoshes” (I loved them) before entering the world of athletic footwear.  But in 1917, Converse introduced the All Star. Did you know it was the first basketball shoe…that’s must be why my father loved them so much. The original shoe was natural brown with black trim. Later in the 1920’s a black canvas and pair with leather upper ankle material was available.

The basketball market ate them up, but everything become a little more exciting when the company had its first professional endorser, Charles Hollis “Chuck” Taylor, who was a basketball player with the original Celtic.

Taylor joined Converse as a salesman and brand evangelist in 1921. In 1932, Converse added Chuck Taylor’s name to the All Star’s ankle design.converse-shoes-black-chuck-taylor-all-star-classic-womens-mens-canvas-hi-sneakers-2058-1

Converse was forced to file for bankruptcy on January 22, 2001. It had lost the majority of its market share to Reebok and Nike. Nike purchased Converse in 2003 for $305 million.

My father would be proud that the Converse “Chuck” Taylor is still going strong…

What’s your American Title?


This morning I was listening to Heaven 600 Morning Radio Show and the topic was “What is the political correct name to use -Blacks, African-American, or American.” I feel Ravon-Symone…tired of being labeled. Why can’t we just be American?

My view is I am American…I have never been to African. My ancestors may have come from there but I didn’t… I was born/ raised here in America with American parents. I feel African-American or any other prefixed American should only be used if a person was born outside of America–thus becoming American through the United States Legal process.

What happened to Spanish-American or Asia- American, they are called others. Wow…how crazy is that.


I am American!!!!usflag

One thing, I just thought about -Native (Native-American) means belonging to a particular place by birth or grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity. So, actually Indians (Native Americans) are the only people with the right title. I feel I am Native American…born and raised in America, which means I am Native of my country.

What do you think?

Your Chariot Awaits…


Curvy Chix Chariot

Donna Hundley,Owner

RYG : Would you tell us about the Curvy Chix Chariot?

Curvy Chix Chariot is more than just a mobile boutique, it’s a movement!  I know that this is also a calling for me.  I haven’t always been a plus size woman, however after a medical condition I gained weight and found myself having to adapt to this new body.  I hear the same type of stories from a lot of other women.  Some have taken it with stride, while others sunk into a deep depression and felt less attractive.  I decided that my boutique was not something that was just going to be a store to provide products, but I want my store to be an experience.  I want my customers to realize that no matter you size, you deserve to look and feel beautiful.  I want EVERY customer to walk out feeling confident about themselves AND their curves!

curvychix2 RYG: Who inspired you to start the Chariot?

 I knew that couldn’t have been the only plus size woman who was frustrated with the lack of  selection of trendy, stylish and reasonably priced clothing for our body types.  Instead of just  being frustrated, I decided to take action.  I began exploring how to open a boutique that catered  to curvy women with a twist.  I needed to identify something that would make my boutique stand  out from the others.  After I heard about a truck selling men’s shoes out of it, I decided to look into  the possibility of going mobile with my boutique idea.  That’s when I discovered the West Coast  already had many fashion trucks in business.  At that moment, I knew this was the direction I  wanted to go.  The name Curvy Chix Chariot was thought of by my one of my best friends.  Once she  said the name, I knew it was the perfect fit for my vision!


RYG: What are some other specialties of the Curvy Chix Chariot?

Since we are a mobile boutique, people understand that we can bring the boutique to our customers; however they aren’t always sure how it works.  One option is to host a private party for you and 10 of your friends.  Similarly to other “home parties”, we offer hostess packages with discounts and fun times! Additionally, we offer “Private Shopping” consultation sessions to our customers.  For a minimum spend, Curvy Chix Chariot will pull up to your door and our customer will have 1.5 hours to shop on the fashion truck alone!  This is something that my elderly and disabled clients enjoy.  Of course the most popular option is to invite us to participate in your event.  Shopping events, church meetings, sorority parties and more, we love to bring the boutique to our customers!

RYG: Were there any obstacles? How did you overcome

Opening a business as an African American woman triggered a lot of questions that I had to think about.  The biggest was, curvychix3“Should I show that I am an African American woman?”  Although we are in 2014, it still seems to be a reality that African American businesses struggle with stereotypes.  I’ve heard and seen individuals sway away from supporting a business because it is African American owned.  It seems that as a people, African Americans tend to feel more confident about the level of service they will be provided from a non-African American business.  Therefore, initially, I was hiding who I was.  I never put a picture of myself on any marketing materials or my website.  Auspiciously, what I found was, my fear was not true.  Since opening my doors, I’ve been greeted with open arms by mostly African American clients.  When they see this innovative concept and then my extremely outgoing personality, my clients are excited to support me.  I think as an African American woman, once I got over the fear of being me, I realized that is not where the focus should but what I can offer as a business owner.  I have since proudly acknowledged that I am an African American woman business owner and I am looking forward to the many successes that come with it.

RYG: Where can our Grinders find the chariot riding?

We actively post where we will be on our social media sites and website.  Clients can also text/call us to see where we are.

curvychix1FB – @CurvyChixChariot

IG – @CurvyChixChariot

Twitter – @CurvyChixStyle


Phone: 301.310.7381


RYG: Words of inspiration.

We truly want our customers to live by our slogan “Love Your Curves, Sexy Comes In Every Size!” because we know this is true!  As women we have enough on our plate at any given day, so why not look good while you’re cleaning that plate off! :)

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Do you have the Energy?


Grinders, have you ever wondered about the type of Energy services being offered these days? Lately, there have been several companies coming around to homes, businesses –walk right up to you in the street.  Well, I had a chance to meet a smart young lady; Yolanda Pearson, from Texas that work with “Stream Energy”, and she gave me some good information about her company but more about why new companies are coming to your door.

Yolanda Pearson


In January 2002, Texas became one of the first states in the country to deregulate energy. That means instead of having to purchase energy through one provider, consumers were able to choose for themselves who they want to purchase electricity from. This deregulation has lowered costs and provided more options for millions of people. Today Stream sells energy in each of these states: Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Washington D.C.
I started doing business with Stream Energy because I saw it as an opportunity to earn some and save some money at the same time. When I saw my first energy bill from Stream, I was convinced that I wanted to be a part of Stream Energy family because of their dedication to providing the best energy service possible.
Stream Energy can benefit the customer by providing affordable energy with a 12 month or 24 month plans. Stream understands how critical electrical services are to living a comfortable life, which is why we offer a reliable economical service you can count on. With Stream energy you can choose between variable or fixed rates. Fixed rates stay the same on matter what. However if you want to ride the market waves, you can sometimes score lower prices with no ETF and more flexibility with our reliable services and energy.
You can sign up as a customer and once you see the big difference in your bill then you can join the company as an associate and earn some extra cash by simply telling others about your savings. They sign on as a customer and do the same if they are interested in joining the company. Stream Energy charge you so many cents per Kilowatt hour as do all energy companies but stream has the lowest price per kilowatt that I have seen & that equals major savings.

Grinders in History: Muddy Waters


Muddy Waters

Born: Mckinley Morganfield

April 4, 1913?-April 30, 1983


Muddy Waters was an outstanding vocalist and guitarist; born in (Rolling Fork) Issaquena County, Mississippi on April 4, 1913 or 1915 (there is a lot of debate about it). He was given the name “Muddy Waters” by his grandmother; Della Grant, because he loved playing in muddy water as a child.  In the country that’s how you usually get your nick by what you love or what you do. His grandmother raised him after his mother passed away shortly after his birth.


In 1941, Alan Lomax went to Stovall, Mississippi on behalf of the Library of Congress looking to record some good ole country music. He went toMuddyWaters Muddy Waters’ home and recorded  him right there. Becoming excited listening to his voice –Muddy Waters knew in his heart he wanted to share the Mississippi blue with the world. A year later in 1942, Lomax returned to Mississippi, Stovall Plantation to record Muddy Waters again. It was so great, Muddy played his music in the local diner over and over …with great response –prompting him to move to Chicago in 1943 with dreams of becoming a professional musician.  While pursuing his dream,  Muddy drove truck for a local factory by day and play his music in clubs by night –some of which was rowdy.  All that changed when his uncle (Joe Grant) bought him his first electrical guitar –music loud enough to hear above the rowdiness and capture the crowd attention.


During Muddy career he produced many hits, like: “Rolling Stone” which influence  the British Band and the magazine to form their name after the song, “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “I’m Ready”, and my flavor; “Mannish Boy”.

Muddy Waters influenced several major artists; Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Canned Heat,  Bod Dylan, Led Zeppelins,  Angus Young (AC/DC), Martin Scorsese,  The Beatles, Van Morrison, and many more.


USPS94STA006EMuddy Waters achievements:

 6 Grammy Awards, 4x’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, 5x’s The Blue Foundation Awards, 3 Inductions, and in 1994     commemorative stamp (29cent) at the US Postal Service.


Muddy Waters have shown us, it doesn’t matter where your from…it’s about where you want to go.

Info provided by Wikipedia, bio.com