When what you love interferes with what you love…


How would you handle this situation?

In the pursuit of your dreams…family and friends had your back. But, what happens when –what you love interferes with what you love.

You write down your passions on paper then you talk with the one you love (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, BFF) and they all say, “Oh, that sounds great” or “we got your back”.  After hearing all the support; your feel energized and you put your plans into act. question

Questions about how everything is going are being asked daily, praises are coming in from everywhere, and you feel like no one can stop you.  You put your all in making your dreams come true and making everyone proud.  OMG, it is happening… your passion is taking sharp…your name is getting out there; you go back and talk with the ones that started with you…everyone is excited.

The months go by and you are truly living your dreams, then –here come the clash.  The support has turned into lack…jealousy has crept into the situation.  Now, your love one or love ones have abandoned you.  Saying things like… you are putting your career before them or you are driven by ambition.  But you felt as if you were doing the right thing by doing what you loved as a career and still have time for your friends and family. No…Now, questions are in your head; Why has everything changed?  Why is he/she/they mad at me? How can I make it better? choose

Right here is the point you choose to continue pursuing your dreams or let it go…

What would you do?

Passion in the Spit…


Vett Stunna, Hip-Hop Lyricist

Instagram: @vettstunna_alldat
Facebook: Vett Stunna
Facebook Music :Vett

RYG: How did you get started in Hip-Hop? Why?

I was born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City and County. I first started paying attention to Hip Hop in 1992. I loved TLC, and still do and Left-Eye was my favorite. The way she spit and her delivery was appealing to me to the point that when I began listening to more harcore rap, I started wondering if I could do it? I started writing in 1998. Me and my bestfriend would write lyrics like we were in No Limit cause that’s what we were into at the time. As time passed, I fillevett1d up more books, each one getting better and showing real growth in my lyrics. Plus the way my life was going for a while, writing was my therapy(I know ya’ll can relate!). At this point I feel like I have a message to bring and I just want to get it out there the best way I know how. I have an amazing group of friends/labelmates in H.D. Records, Team Cali, and some dope music to if the true Hip Hop fan willing to listen. I want to bring a different perspective to the rap game. Growing up as a female in Baltimore City can be hard, and somebody needs to tell the story, my story. I got a lot of people depending on me and I plan on doing what I set out to do…take the world by storm!

RYG: Where has your journey taken you this far? What are you plans for 2015?

I rvetteleased a five part mixtape series in 2012 titled “Mixtape For Dummies” with The Curriculum, The Lecture, Spring Break, Mid-Terms and Finals. These tapes can be found on www.datpiff.com
Last year I released another mixtape with all original music, including the song “I Do”,  performed at the Ottobar on Sunday, October 26, 2014 titled, Hearts & Flames. The mixtape was well received by fans and bloggers. This year, after a personal leave from music, I jumped back in the studio inspired towards the end of July and over a span of three weeks recorded six songs that would commemorate the sixth installment in the Mixtape For Dummies series set to drop January 2015. I am currently in the middle of shooting the video for the third single from that group, my version of “No Flex Zone, Lil Vett’s Throne. I am also simultaneously working on my first album. I already have some songs recorded and even more written. Along with a couple of EPs coming towards the middle of 2016. As you can tell, I love what I do, the entire process! Writing, recording, performing, videos, everything.

 RYG: Places you have shared your art?

Since 2009, I have performed everywhere from Coppin State University to Dubai Night Club, Tony’s Diner, Walter’s Art Gallery, Black Girls Rock hair show, and many more.

S/O to Team Cali…

Feel the mix…


Jamma* Wun


Grinders, I had the awesome pleasure of meeting or rather I said…listening to a breathe of fresh remix air during the Producer Battle at The Baltimore 8th Annual Crown Awards.  All the producers did a great job, but only a couple stood out to me and the one that stood out the most was Jamma* Wun.  His mix washed my musical soul with his smooth transition of sound. I truly enjoyed the Bod Marley Remix and been listening every since.

Here’s the sample I love…tell me what you think!!!

Somewhere in Maryland, inside of a four story “blue light lit” apartment lives Jamma* Wun. A keyboard toting, synthesizer playing samplist with a knack for rapping. He’s working & plotting his next hit. No, not an armored car or a bank heist, but something a bit more sonically inclined. He’s a focused introverted emcee with a wild style.
Jamma* Wun’s sound can be easily compared to 90’s Hip Hop, but if you listen deeper you’ll notice the presence of elements that are unfamiliar. It takes the listener somewhere they have not yet been. The combination of chopped sampled riffs, synths, & his rhyme heavy energetic flow has a retro yet futuristic feel. Some songs may be over whelming for a 1st time listener, but once you get it you’ll love how these pieces work harmoniously together.

As a song writer Jamma* possesses all of the qualities of a hit maker, substance, engaging topics, & chorus lines that’ll make you want to sing along. As a artist he refuses to fit in a mold. He knows that the only way to gain recognition in music is to be great & be you. Enjoy.

All Things Graphic….


T. J.  Bates, Artist

RYG: Who/what inspired you to become a abstract/graffiti artist?
     I would have to say that my particular style of art was inspired by or more so influenced by this art class I took at Stevenson University. That was the first time I really was introduced to using positive and negative space to create images and it was also the first time I really used Sharpie as an artistic medium. There is no particular person in general that inspired me but by being able to search sharpie artwork on instagram, I was able to connect with other artist who used sharpie as a medium and really find inspiration and what they created. I would also like to believe that hip-hop culture played into my style, it kind of gives me a new age fresh perspective on art.              
photo provided from Facebook

photo provided from Facebook

RYG:  Have you encountered any opposition with you art style?

     The funny thing is that I really haven’t encounter any opposition. I think its a style that really hasn’t been seen around this area much. I also believe that when people find out most of my artwork is in sharpie, it blows their mind to a degree. I do feel that my style of artwork has a ceiling because its not done in the traditional sense of classic artwork such as paint, oil painting etc. So on that front I do feel that my work may not be taken as serious by some people.  
RYG: How did you overcome?
    Well my current plan is to push the limit. I think now days its so many avenues for you to get your artwork out there that you can find a space and flourish in it. Between doing actual canvases that go up in galleries and places of business to local art events, to making clothes and even just contributing to other local acts such as musicians with album covers and what not, I think I can push the range of my artwork. I think people will love the art they just need to see it, need to feel it and you can only do that by bringing it to them. So you need to really innovate current ideas to push the work out to the people.


RYG: Your inspirational words for future artists?
    Don’t be afraid to study and mimic current artist moves with their artwork to help find your lane with yours. I think we all feel a certain way when a style is copied but that develops with time and practice. Its the ways you go about getting your artwork out there that really helps you grow as an artist. really look into what other artist are doing, you might find a lot of support and help. In conclusion my words of inspiration would be to stay true to yourself, find liked minded individuals, look for support from family and friends and just go for it, I mean its art, the beauty of it is that we interpret it the way we do and no two interpretations are the same so someone will always enjoy your work and buy your work.

The Right Spot to Rejuvenate…


Kim McDaniel, Owner

Kim McDaniel is Baltimore born and bred – McDonogh School graduate, former US Army officer and home school veteran. Through her personal and professional journeys and certifications, she has learned how to help people tap into their gifts and rise to the challenge of upgrading their life style. The holistic aspect of her new Wellness Studio, The Rejuvenation Spot allows people to see options beyond prescription drugs, over the counter meds, and even just feeling stuck in a mediocre existence. Our number one goal is detoxification for a healthy mind, body and soul – this includes evicting limiting thoughts, relationships, and imaginations.

Small Business Owner

Networking Event

                                                                                                     Connections Matter…
BizCardIt’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that
can make all the difference.
The RejuveNation Spot is hosting an exclusive
business to business networking event to honor the
small business owner. It will be a fun evening of
“speed networking”, games and prizes. Due to the
our commitment to allow all participants to maximize
their involvement, there will only be 1 person/industry0.
allowed. First come, first served.
If you want to go FAST, go alone;
If you want to go FAR, go with others.      ~ African Proverb

When: Saturday, November 15, 2014rejuvenation
Where: The RejuveNation Spot in Charles Village
22 West 25th Street Baltimore 21218
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Other: Registration $10 – limited slots – only one
agent per business type – Reservations are
necessary to secure your position. Bring
plenty of business cards and/or samples of
your products or offerings
What: Contact The RejuveNation Spot to register:
410.601.3144 – Pay in Person or via Paypal
@ therejuvenationspot@gmail.com