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DCoy, Master Lyricist



Grinders, I had the pleasure of meeting a awesome artist by the name of “D” Coy. He is originally from California but calls Baltimore home now. “D” took a break from the mic, but recently decided to take the mic of the stand -bring back ol’ school Hip-Hop…Vocalistic style. Check out our interview below…

RYG: Before we get started. Would you like to send a shout out to anyone?

D”: I would like to give a shot out to my Full Stereo Family; “Work”, Sir-K, RegE. Rukus, Triz, Bishop Redss & my cousin Wolf Wanggg back in Cali (L.B.C) doing his Thizzle. Team RepYoGrind for the support & everybody that’s ever supported any artist or Producer from Full Stereo Recordings.   dcoy3

RYG: How did you start in the industry?

mr.vocalisticD”:  I got serious about pursuing my career in 2007, but I was fortunate to encounter some experience working with the artist; “Work” from Full Stereo Recording on two well-crafted albums in 2001 & 2004.

RYG: Who influenced your sound?

D”:  My sound is influenced by early 90’s…late 80’s Hip-Hop sprinkled with a lot of 70’s soul train get up.

RYG: What are some of the misconception about the industry?

D”: Some of the misconception in the industry is that the Artists are Happy. No, more money more problems. dcoy4Another misconception is you are your own person…you are NOT. You are owned by the label that signed you and you are not doing the music you love; you are handing music that will make the industry money.

RYG: Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome?

D”: The biggest obstacle was getting the music played on the radio as well as the lack of supporters when the projects was finally finished…everyone wanted to be in the videos but no one wanted to step up and help circulate the material. We overcame by never getting up and continue making music.

charmcityRYG: What are your words of inspiration for the RepYoGrind fam?

D”: Do what your gut tells you because you will never lead you astray.


What’s next for “D” Coy?

On February 6, 2015, check outDCoy with “The Man we all know & love“…Edigga, Host of Charm City Direct Radio Show. Stay Tune!!!!

Lyrical Fashionable…

unnamed (1)

Grinders, I received some great information from Sabrina Williams of Sheek-N-Sassy Entertainment about Vett vettStunna new hand painted apparel line. Yes, I said Vett Stunna. I love the garment she has… Please check out her Love, Peace, and Rap Book collection of Expression.

Here are the links…AWESOME!!!unnamed


Spotlight: Lamont Pierre (Freedom of Film)


Lamont Pierre, Filmmaker/Writer/Director

New York and Los Angeles based filmmaker Lamont Pierre created numerous award-winning web series dramas…

This Filmmaker, Writer, Director has created some outstanding web series… his new groundbreaking series “FreeFall” is a Atlanta based crime drama, which Pierre received inspiration from HBO series “The Wire“.  Lamont Pierre utilizes real life everyday experiences (crime and diverse relationships) throughout his work. He developed love for the imagery of film and screenwriting while in high school.
In Fall 2008, Lamont assisted Lee Daniels with his Oscar Nominated film; “Precious” in New York after sending a film reel of some of his own projects that he completed while attending college. This was the most educational era in his career… Lee Daniels was an amazing man to work with, says Pierre.1901981_776151979112172_3855501619109187925_n
As an member of the Writers Guild Of America ,West, Lamont explains that the union fights for fairness in the entertainment industry for writers which is a valuable resource for every professional writer.
In 2013, Pierre made his film debut with “Talking With the Taxman about Poetry“, during the time of developing this film he had a chance to release some emotional frustrations, which saved him from himself at that time.
10849804_801234883270548_6140585974902088006_nInspiration for his creative process comes from characters that society seems to overlook, Pierre says, when casting for his projects he looks for a certain type of  talent that has a comparable work ethic -embarking on the creative journey together. I became of fan of web series “FreeFall” during the first season. The show is a crime drama series that follows mostly gay male characters down a road of crime and the consequences of certain dark lifestyles.
Isaiah Green character Saleem stands out the most for me…coming to the show within the second season. His character is looking for someone special to enhance his life while falling for Atlanta dark-side as well as having some secrets of his own. Pierre states, Saleem is an exciting addition to the series, this character is the thread or key to linking many characters and situations and he will be a big part of the third season.
The theme song for “FreeFall” created by Actor/Singer Deandre Lemans, song entitled I love U beat was played during a conversation…the music felt so mesmerizing and very adamant that Pierre inquired Deandre to find a way to get it for the production. After Lemans wrote and produced the song; it became a major hit. It tells a compelling story to represent this web drama so well.
10420365_10105484426292593_4479737992239622301_nLamont Pierre is in the works to release his next film entitled, “ Where the Streets have No Name” in 2015. The film will tell the story about a college dropout turned male prostitute who has seemingly given up his dream for a life of anonymity. 
Lamont is a storyteller and visionary with honest compelling stories wrapped into a lush cinematic package.
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A Stylish Image…


Darryl Chambers, Model

Instagram: @onenonlydc
Twitter: @OneNOnlyDC
Facebook: Darryl Chambers
For Bookings contact: cjentertainment4u@yahoo.com

Montgomery, Alabama

Just five years of Styling & Profiling, Model Darryl Chambers an Valley,Alabama Native, Now Residing In Montgomery,Alabama has been succeeding in the Fashion Business with the ambitious spirit of becoming one of the best the industry has to offer.
According to Darryl Chambers, He never had the interest of modeling at all, whom now studies as an Marketing Major at Alabama State UniversityIt wasn’t until a friend of the family stated he was very photogenic when viewing an high school prom portrait that chambers gave modeling a try.  As the Opportunities and Notoriety came Darryl gained the love and knowledge of the industry. In the Industry many models faces challenges, Darryl explains that height requirement for a male model played a big part, however, Chambers made it work the best of his abilities stating that his height can either work for him or against him, the challenges didn’t stop their as Darryl wear his signature dreadlocks proudly, not all of the industry was too proud due to dreadlocks aren’t very common within the industry, the style still remained to work in Chambers favor as it gives him an advantage with several things in the industry. Darryl refers back to the beginning stating that getting into the modeling industry was in a way by 10592895_599192970200501_4195409741720267961_nmistake, but later finding out it was his calling from above all along.  Chambers first modeling assignment was a show that he participated back in his hometown of Valley,AL doing the show made Darryl realize this was something he was made for.  When speaking with Darryl Chambers…we spoke on any advice for upcoming models; he stated that it is important to study the industry so you wouldn’t go blind and  be yourself…while take risk when pursing your modeling career. Chambers says “ The image that the youth sees of me is very important. I’m not one to try to be this perfect person because no one is, but I try to maintain the best image possible, yet, still maintain my true personality“.
Through the stylish Images and imperfection natural facial expressions, Believe it or not Darryl was never the most stylish person, Chambers says ”  I just wear clothes that reflect how I feel that day. Evolution of style comes with changing times as well as maturity. Some things that I wore as a teenager I would never wear now (Laughing), because I’ve matured and fashion has changed, I started to evolve much more when it comes to fashion after being around so many different fashion oriented people in the industry and that made me want to up my game.” While attending college (Alabama State University) Darryl was apart of Elite Modeling an Organization that helped individuals such himself with the fundamentals of fashion and how to dress the part. 
We had to ask Darryl after hearing about his journey, how has modeling shaped him as an individual, Here’s what he had to say ”  it has taught me that life is a runway as well as a set and with that being said eyes are on you at all times so I walk around everyday as if I’m on performing. Modeling has also shaped me into a more ambitious and hard worker because I have to go out and make opportunities for myself, and once I get them I have to give them 100% every time in order to gain another opportunity, because once again someone new is ALWAYS watching. The personal habits that modeling has attached to my life is just to take time out to make sure you are always presentable all around, especially when it comes to your body; your body is your money maker in this industry.”10649925_627505477369250_4307236831730382626_n
The Road to success has never slowed down, According to Darryl Chambers, his experience B.E.T The Game TV Show, as a San Diego Saber was definitely one of the first surreal moments. recalls thinking “This is what I want to do” as he was on set. remembering filming standing beside Wendy Raquel Robinson and thinking of how he watched her for years on “The Steve Harvey Show” as he was growing up, and at that point to actually be standing next to her was an amazing feeling, it was legendary to him. Having brief words with the cast was very surreal at the time. Chambers says Being named Essence Magazine’s “Eye Candy
was somewhat a defining moment to me because it was Essence Magazine and that can speak for itself. Essence gave me a lot of notoriety on an international level.
There were people from overseas contacting me and telling me how much they loved my work, and that alone was like “Wow” to me!! Being in Essence put in my mind that I had the potential to go far with hard work and the grace of God.
I was definitely trying to be a part of B.E.T.’s “Rip The Runway”; however, the show was cancelled and that was a bummer ( Laughing).
To find out more about Darryl, check out his links above...
Photos provided by: Darrly Chamber/Facebook
Blogger: Sammie Preston IV

Flash Back Style: Braids for life…


In the 80’s and 90’s Braids ruled. If you didn’t have braids after “Poetic Justice” something was wrong with you. Janet Jackson rocked the edges out of those braids.  I went to see that movie and the next day made an appointment to get my scrap pulled and the place with packed. I have had braids before but it seemed Janet brought the “Box Braids” to life.patrice_rushen

When I was younger, younger –ok, very young. My aunt would braid my hair every month. I rocked the “Princess Leia”, the braid ponytail with the part in the middle, and the over to one side with the sponge roll-set…lol. But, nothing…I mean nothing was like…when I got the “Bee Hive”. I thought I was the queen of Egypt. You hear me. I loooovvvveeed the “Bee Hive” Braids. I remember seeing Patrice Rushen with thousand of beads…I wanted that. Oh Yes, I got them. I was not going to let my mother rest until…I couldn’t lay on my head, but I had my beads. 

bo-derek_ba0b6255Braids have been a part of “Black” or “African American” culture since Africa. The fascination for Braids was so extreme –Bo Derek had to rock them in the film“10”…and Mercedes did a great job on her hair. Ok, I do know who her stylist was but she did a great job.

Brandy+2Another celebrity known for her braids…Brandy; Brandy rocked braids so long that I thought she would never take them out…but she did. Congratulations.

Listen, It doesn’t matter if you was born in 2000’s, 1990’s, or 1950’s braids have always been an expression of creativity…they will never go out of style.  If you haven’t had braids…try them…you may have a headache (for only the first couple of days) but you will have a month to be on time for everything…lol.

Enjoy the Braid…