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Jay McGraw; Producer, Artist, Manager…

M.A.M Records

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Jay McGraw is a Producer, Manager (M.A.M. Records), Artist, Photographer, etc. This young man is motivated to succeed not just for self, but also for artists who are striving to express their craft. Here is our interview:

RYG: What does M.A.M. mean in M.A.M Records?

jaymamJM:It Stands for Motivated Artist Making Records.

RYG: In what way does M.A.M Records differs from other labels?

JM: I fill we differ from other labels because we actually work with the artist to develop there skills and help them learn the business side of the industry.

RYG: Do you feel Artists are losing their drive to succeed in this industry?

JM: Yes, a lot of artist these days get burned out quick because they don’t pace themselves. This is a marathon race not a sprint to the top.

RYG: What are some ways M.A.M Records support the community?

JM: We have a contest running right now Music Icons of Black History for the youth 4 years of this contest. We also for 5 years been doing our Back to School Giveaway for the kids and same for our Thanksgiving Drive and Christmas Drive where we give away we go into the projects and go door to door and offer food and toys.jaymam2

RYG: How can we as media help promote artists better?

JM: Just by giving artist a platform to show there talent. With M.A.M. we’ve done radio interviews for artist who never had one.

RYG: Have you encountered any negativity? How did you overcome?

JM: Of course I had other labels steal my artist or my artist in fights or drama with other artist. I overcame it by staying true to what I believe in what my label have to offer.

RYG: Words of inspirations?

JM: Stay true to yourself and remember to stay humble, smile everything will work out if you stay different. #mogulfacts #factsonly #bossstatus

Spotlight: Jon Locke “got this on locke”


Jon Locke, R&B Soul Artist/CEO

Locke Music Group

This Chicago native is determined to bring the smooth sexy sound of R&B back to the forefront. Locke comes from a heritage of Faith and Excellence and it shows in his lyrics and music. Locke strong musical background stems jlp1from his Father; Ruben Locke, Jr., who was a musician for the R&B, Grammy Hall of Fame Award Winning Group; The Impression and Blues Great; Tyrone Davis.  Following close in his Father’s footsteps as an artist, producer, and musician; Locke plays the saxophone, trombone and drum with an emphasis in piano.

jlpLocke has established his own label; “Locke Music Group”, and released a dynamic Album on May 27, 2014 entitled, “First Thought”. This album is a breath of fresh air –transporting you back to a place where music was music and love was expressed through action.  His sound truly astonished me to the point, I felt as if I was back in 1992… Senior year! You have to go and get this album… “First Thoughts”, is now my album of choose and it will be yours as well.

Shout Out to: Destiny Loyd

Star Music Media

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Nobody Does it like “Zane”

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Zane, Author

Grinders, I had the opportunity of interviewing the awesome and increidible Author; Zane. Oh yes, Zane!!!

Washington D.C Native Best-Selling Erotic Author ; Zane, has sold millions of novels since the release of the first two books entitled “Addicted” and “The Sex Chronicles“,and “The Shattering Myth“.

Since a youth, Zane has loved reading books; coming from two retired educator parents which helped to grow her vivid imagination. While attending school the teachers knew she’ll soon become an writer. Though Zane didn’t think nothing of it; years later while being an research assistant at Duke Divinity School, she discovered AOL chat room.While hanging out in the chat room, she formed the name Zane and  started writing an short story entitled, “The First Night“. After receiving numerous and great reviews; she started getting emails about the short stories. AOL Chat company would later take down those stories due to the content, but that didn’t stop Zane…she decided to put his fantasies on paper.

Then, here comes the Critics!!!!

Book Author - Zane-10Zane doesn’t listen to the criticisms, stating, “you have to do what you love and doing what you’re passionate about“. ” I use sex as a segue to deal with a lot of deeper issues. I don’t feel like I am a sex writer or even an erotica writer. I would describe myself as a very detailed writer who does not down her sex scenes”. Zane expresses.

When being asked if one of her books reflects on some her own personal experiences with relationships and life;  Zane stated,”All of the books to a degree“.

August 2000, “Addicted” book was released grossing as the hottest paperback book at that time. Fourteen years later, “Addicted” was released into theaters by Liongate film company. Zane expressed, “ It was a logical choice to do Addicted first, and it was also the choice of the studioit felt great to see the movie on the big screen. I enjoy expressing myself in different mediums and this afforded me that opportunity. The director, cast, and studio all worked together flawlessly to make it take flight”. The unrated version is now available on VOD for purchase and the DVD released on February 10th 2015.  “Addicted” became an Box Office hit, but  the films doesn’t stop there!! Without a doubt more of Zane stories will be making there way to the big screen sooner than everyone thinks. She has even decided on the next film have but hasn’t made the formal announcement as of yet.  Stay tuned!!!

We can’t forget that In fall of 2008, Zane Sex Chronicles made it’s premiere on cable television network Cinemax, There was no doubt in Zane mind that both ” Zane Sex Chronicles” and “Zane’s The Jump Off” helped both sexes (male & female) to communicate more openly not only about sex but life in general. According to Zane, “My characters were realistic, flawed, brazen, and complicated. Viewers were drawn to those traits because such is life“.
 Zane is the publisher at Strebor books, Simon and Schuster were she publishes over 30-60 books an year. when asked what advice do she have for writers who’s looking to do self-publishing; Zane stated, “Be informed. Be informed. Be informed. Understand exactly what they are getting into. Writing a book is only the beginning of several steps to successfully self-publish a book. They need to know the difference between being a writer and being an author. They should read at least three books on the subject and make an informed decision“.

One book the Authors prefer to check out is her upcoming March 17th 2015Titled  “Infinite Words: A 2014-09-13-zanephotoandbooks-thumbComprehensive Guide to Writing and Publishing.” For the radio listeners, you can check out a weekly radio show on writing called “Zane’s Literary Salon” that premieres at 11:30 AM EST on Saturday, February 7, 2015 and then will re-air every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5:00 PM EST. It will air on WHUR Voices–Sirius XM Channel 141.

I have an favorite Zane book ,Entitled “The Other Side Of The Pillow“. Zane, gives us some insight on “The Other Side Of The Pillow“, saying… “I was inspired to write; “The Other Side of the Pillow”, for two reasons“. “The first is that I came up with a concept for a cable show years ago that would tell one side of the events from a female perspective and then flip it and tell it from the male perspective. I slept on that idea and the series “The Affair” has now done that and won some awards for it”, saying whiling smiling. ” Now, I would look like I am copying it but that is not true. I need to start implementing my ideas because that is not the first time something like that has occurred. Secondly, I was receiving a lot of emails from females who had decided to give up on love forever due to being bitter about men. I decided to create the ultimate bitter woman, Jemistry, and make her fall in love to prove that when two people set their minds to something, are completely transparent and looks at things with maturity, they can make it work out“. The Other Side Of The Pillow Book was released on the 5th of August,2014 about a testy love affair that emerges between a woman who’s had enough and a man who’s had it all, and remains to be a Must Read out of the author Zane series of novels.

Zane Fans Unite!!!!

Sammie Preston IV

On the Scene: Young Tizz…”In My Life”


On the scene this week is  “Young Tizz”. I have been watching this young man for a few months now. His expression of words, will have  you hitting repeat over, over, and over again.

I don’t know what happened in his life, but his words are alive –giving you visualization into his life.

Young Tizz is a serious Emcee with Hella spit!!!

cashland2It all started with…

It’s Only Us Entertainment” was created in March 2014 by two brothers; Ronnie & Shawn aka “Young Tizz”. They have been focused on building and promoting their brand through; Tee Shirts, Promo CD’s, and Video’s on YouTube as well as several other platforms.  cashland

The Emcee; Young Tizz is repping for East Baltimore from Ashland & Bradford better known as “Cashland” –naming his CD; “Mr. Cashland”. Tizz is not just a CEO, but he also a master lyricist and songwriter. Check out his music and follow him at the links below:


Video Release Party for Jay McGraw & Blizzard…

On February 15, 2015, I attended a Video Release Party hosted by M.A.M Records for the Artist/Manager; Jay McGraw and Artist; Blizzard. This great event was held in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere; “Red Door East“, 625 N. Glover Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Go by “Red Door East” and show your support. There were great food, and banging music by DJ TNT (funny guy)!!!

Plenty of laughter filled the building…Great job!!!

There were multiple artists in the building including; Taz Spitta, Bryan Lryics, “D”Coy, CynDiva, and Model/Actress Tiara West with “Sweet Tooth GourmeyCatering Owner; Lavar Hayes and  a host of many more. Shout out the GGI Photography master; Jerome!!!