Lyrics Tatted on Black Pearls…

Yung Ro

St. Louis, Mo

Hi Grinders, I have been following this young man for some time now. He goes by the name; “Yung Ro” and I am astonished at his Grind. He has lyrics tatted on Black Pearls!!!

Ok, Yung Ro is an Independent Bill Board Artist. But, it doesn’t stop there…he is also a franchise tattoo shop (Black Pearl Tattoo Studio) owner. Yes, ladies… he has franchisessssss. Ohwait! Being an accomplished Tattoo Artist, he is yungro2also the CEO of his own Label; “Black Pearl Entertainment”. I know what you are think; “Do he like every Black?” I will be sure to ask…lol

Even though he is an Artist of body art, music has always been the ink in his life. Yung Ro, left the music scene to work on his personal business, but his hand never stopped penning his comeback.

Speaking of business…Yung Ro has always been a business man, but in his teenage years, he devoted time by organizing an outlet for other teenagers to gain encouragement and information to help themselves as well as their families called, “Runway2empowerment”. Making it his business to fill in the gap for youth striving towards greatness.

On his journey….

In November 2009, Yung Ro was grazed by a bullet exiting a show, then he was 18 yrs. His gratitude to God touched my heart as I watched the interview on, which showed me he is also a humble man about his success.



Yung Ro is back in the studio with a mature sound that is guaranteed to satisfy your musical appetite. He is ready to show the world what he’s made of.

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