YOUniquess Period…

Lakia McDaniel, Founder/Author

**What is the YOUniqueness of Lakia Nichole?
LNM: The YOUniqueness of Lakia Nichole stems from evolving from adversaries. From personal battles as a woman, including losing a child, I’ve used those to motivate myself into becoming a better individual. That includes me doing what I’ve always wanted to do & become. With constant prayer & the ability to stay motivated & persevere, I’m doing what makes me happy. that’s what make me YOUnique.
**How do you juggle being a Publisher at New Breed Publishing, Radio Personality; The Diva’s Dish, and Founder/CEO; YOUnique Magazine?
LNM: It’s not easy, because I’m also a single mother. However, since I enjoy doing all of those, I don’t think about the actual juggling. I just go with the flow with everything. I was born to do all of these things. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was  kid, so I was determined to become one, no matter how hard it would be. I’ve published my first book under my own publishing company(New Beed)  in 2011. The Divas’ D.I.S.H helped bring my dream as a radio DJ/host into fruition. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity given to me by my co-host & founder of The Divas’ D.I.S.H. Ms. Ellen Gee. The YOUnique Mag is something I dreamed of doing later in life. I’ve always had this fascination with celebrities, but not so much with gossip, which is a big turn off for me. I was getting tired of seeing gossip blogs talk about these ppl so badly for the sake of hits. So what did I do? Create a platform to highlight those in a positive light. That’s my mission for YOUnique. So far, I’ve been receiving great reviews on how great it is. My readers tell me they love how I have everything in it from indie musicians to community heroes to news on the biggest stars. Our next door neighbors are “stars” in their own right. They should be highlighted JUST as much as the stars they admire.
lakia1**Have you always dreamed of being in Publishing or Communications,period?
LNM: Always! Ever since I can remember. I can recall a time as a kid, I’d watched the different award shows, & wished I could be a correspondent on the red carpet or back stage. I’d read Right On & Word Up magazines & could never wait for the next month’s issue, because I wanted to keep up with my favorite celebrities. Now that I have The YOUnique Mag, I can keep my readers in the know about folks (local & mainstream) & my readers appreciate that, because they like to keep up, as well. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to cover big time events that would really put The YOUnique Mag on the map!
**Who has been your most YOUnique guest? why?
LNM: Good Question! There’s actually a couple who sticks out for me. There’s an author by the name of Crystal Victoria who overcame life on the street & became a successful author. Her story was very inspiring. There’s also Actress Cherie Johnson who gave such an enlightening interview. I’ve also interviewed her during the height of her racial profiling scandal. The story behind that has brought awareness to a seemingly never-ending problem in this country.
**Who is the Yo-nique person that inspired (s) you?
LNM: Any person that can say they can & they will with a difficult past. Your past shouldn’t define your future.
**Has anyone ever tried to kill your Yo-niqueness?          ymlogo1
 Yes!!  How did you overcome? I continue to be great.
**What inspirations keeps Yo-uniqueness,YOUnique?
LNM: I learn something new everyday & what I have yet to learn I get from others. Either way, I continue to evolve from every lesson I’m given. I take pride in my failures, because without them, I’ll never become wiser. I embrace my mistakes, because they help me to not repeat them in the future. My life story & the life stories of others keeps me inspired. My dreams helps keep me YOUnique. My persistence is what drives me to do EVERYTHING that I do, because when I dream, I dream SUCCESS.


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