You to can get the f&@% out…

open-doorYou are trying to stop me from living my dreams!!! I am sick of you trying to pour salt in my wounds with every step I take. You get in other people minds and then they tell me things that make me feel so much worst.

I will no longer stand for those words you constantly us to hurt and hinder me: you aren’t smart enough; people are going to laugh at you, look at you, etc. STOP IT, this is the last time I allow you to put a pause on my dreams. That’s right I am talking to you, you have been around too long…it’s time to hit the road Jack. This is a new day and I am a new person, too much time has passed me by and I am going to grab what’s left.

I know you can’t believe what I’m saying because I have never spoken to you this way before. Well, get use to it, boo. I am finally who God says I am, and I refuse to allow you to stay in my life. I’m not scared anymore!! I now know; I am better, smarter, and more than I let you tell me I was. Get use to the new me because your day has ended.

Now, the door is open…FEAR, self-doubt and laziness are gone. NOW, YOU TO CAN GET THE FEAR OUT!!!  #teamrepyogrind

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