Why women can’t or don’t cook?

March 21,2013

Today in the Barbershop the guys had a very interesting conversion about women and cooking.  They wanted to know why the ladies don’t cook anymore BUT want to dine-out or order take-out.  Others asked, where have all the housewives gone?

Women have taken over the work force- bringing home the bacon with their man/husband or for their man…lol. I’m  just repeating what they said… don’t shoot the messenger.


( 1.) Is it true that the new house wife is too business to handle the family environment? (2). If the husband and wife work, who should cook the bacon?( 3).  Is the Husband the new Wife?

Give me your take on the conversion…women stay up and be heard!!! Men, I know you have something you would like to say….”don’t be scared, but be very careful.”




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