Why they don’t understand…?

It’s so hard to find understanding when you are in pursuit of obtaining your dream (grind).  I mean it’s hard to find someone that understands the vision you see when they can only see a small piece.

Many times you tell your husband, kids, or parents about what you want to do with your life, and they just say…that’s not a career –that’s a hobby. But, if they would only realize that videos was first started as a hobby, surfing was once someone’s hobby, and running was someone’s hobby…now look, it’s someone’s career.  Most hobbies turn out to be very successful careers…if you love it and want it bad enough.

If you don’t have support for what you love right now…just wait and continue to grind. Then watch how those that didn’t understand your vision; come back to support you.

“Use that lack of support to drive your passion to succeed in
whatever your dreams maybe…
sometimes in making your vision a reality –you have to walk alone…”

But, If you feel that it’s hard to find understanding in your grind. Just let us know (vent) about it…we have your back and we understand.

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