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I have visited the MyAfton site and checked out it’s booking information for Artists. They pay you a percentage of tickets YOU sale when you perform, which is a great idea for Artists to invest in themselves…by giving them responsible to sale…also help them to become comfortable promoting themselves not just for the money but to gain potential fans as well as help them enhance their grind.

Here is the link and more information about Myafto/n/ below…

Our Purpose

Afton started doing concerts to help give local artists more options in regards to which shows they could play. Everything that we ask our artists to do, our founders did themselves when they performed in their own band. Our founders were tired of contacting clubs and sending press packs over and over and never hearing back. We believe that local artists should have more options and opportunities for playing all ages and under age shows, and that is My-Afton-Logo-for-WP-Site1-300x75why we exist. We are usually able to offer the artists on our Artist Roster shows every month, year round, so that they always have an additional option to book shows no matter what stage of their career they are at.

We believe that local music is the ground floor of the music industry. Every major national artist started out local. Your favorite band started out as a local band, and if local musicians cannot easily book shows at the venues they want to play, their artistry can be squelched out before they even have the chance to succeed. Local musicians cannot grow if they are not given opportunity to play live at legitimate music venues. It is our purpose to help local musicians achieve their goals by offering them free promotion resources and by booking them on our shows.

We cannot book every act that approaches us, but we do review and consider each artist that contacts us for booking. Afton wants to see each artist achieve their own definition of success, and whether through our live opportunities or our online promotion resources, we strive to help as many artists as we can.

What Need Does Afton Fill?

No matter how good your songwriting, musicianship, execution, and stage presence is, the club you want to play at might not book you. This is the harsh reality. Commonly, clubs are understaffed and tend to focus their booking staff on national acts and larger tours. In fact, many times they will ask artists to not even follow up about a booking submission for 6-8 weeks. Local acts many times get lost in the shuffle and fall to the wayside.

This is the void that Afton helps fill – to provide year round show opportunities to our Artist Roster each and every month – to provide more options for you to play live and clubs that may be out of your reach.

Afton specializes in supplementing what clubs are already doing, by opening up opportunities for artists that the club’s booking staff is either too busy for, or unwilling to take a risk on. Unfortunately, local artists as a whole have a reputation of drawing very low and being flaky. Venue owners know this, and that is why the nicer clubs in town are very selective on who they are willing to take a risk on. Afton bridges that gap between local artists and the venues.

For the most part, the absolute best local bands in your city, the top 1%, already have an “in” with the best clubs in town. But that still leaves hundreds if not thousands of good, hard working local bands that cannot get the venues they want to play to return their phone calls.

When a local artist is not getting as many quality shows as they want, it’s usually due to the lack of connections, not lack of quality or value in the music they’ve created. We are here to be that connection. Our founders hated being on the outside of an often very exclusive industry. That’s why Afton was created to provide artists with more show options each and every month and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent and their music onstage.

Ok, there is more…I want you to go to this site MyAfton. Login and get your career rolling. The information and outlet are here for you…just plug in by FAITH and go for it!!!

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