Who is Jazzo?

Who is Jazzo?

Thanks for asking…lol



Jazzo is the Winner of “The Unsigned Hype Artist Competition”, which was held at the Latin jazzo1Palace in Baltimore City. On that evening there were some talented Artists in the building… I was honor to be a part of the event.

Journey of Jazzo…

Jazzo is a Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer, Producer and Actress…I guess you can say she is an Ultimate Grinder. She started her journey by listening to her uncles produce music at a very young age. By the age of 12, Jazzo’s creativity took hold -taking a dual cassette player to dub her voice for self -background singers…I think I just made a new phrase. lol

Ok, back to Jazzo…artist_Jazzo

She enhanced her skills as years pasted -forming them into songs of journey by using every situation in life to express her enter melodies of joy and pain.

Grinders, there is no particular genre to place Jazzo’s musical style.

Listening to Jazzo, she has a collage of musical methodology stemming from her list of super influences such as:

Erykah Badu

Jill Scott


Lauryn Hill


jazzo2Jazzo has a smooth rhythmic style that helps you reflect and relax. Check out more about Jazzo’s journey at  http://www.whoisjazzo.com/

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