Who is Angelik Edmonds…

angelikI am originally from the Midwest: Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up with a deep connection to law and justice. Matlock was my hero. I am a small business owner; I tutor English. Here’s my site: www.edmondstutoring.com Next year, I will start law school. Upon graduation, I intend to serve as a criminal defense attorney for the poor minorities. I plan to represent them with exceptional representation.

Eventually, I would like to start a comprehensive non-profit dedicated to decreasing recidivism rates and creating an environment for successful re-integration into society.


I challenge every person to do the research for his/her self, to read the startling statistics.  Two great organizations to investigate are the Innocence Project and Families Against Mandatory Minimums.  Both of these organizations try to bridge the gap between injustice and justice.


My blog  www.angelikedmonds.wordpress.com.

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