When you can’t figure out your GRIND…

When you can’t figure out your Grind (passion),

was the issue I dealt with as a child. I had so many things I enjoyed doing and so many gifts/talents I was born with -making my future even harder to figure out.

In grade school my teacher Mrs. Hall asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up”? Everyone answered; doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, etc. but I never raised my hands because I truly didn’t have a clue –Barbering was one but there were several others floating around in my head. By junior high and high school, I wanted to be a dancer, News Broadcaster, basketball player, track star, and professional singer –joining all of the organization afflicted with the dream of become…

By the end of high school, I wanted to become an administrator of anything that required me to wear a suit and carry a briefcase (lol) –saying to myself, “I finally know what I want to do with my life”! Well, it changed again when I started cosmetology school at the age of 21 then changed again at the age of 32; when I graduated from Barber School. Now, here is where things get interesting!!! In between cosmetology and barber school, I was a briefcase carrying suit wearing Clinical Service Representative for a private Medical Clinic. MMmmmm…I just thought about that!!!



glowing yellow light bulb as inspiration concept

As I were drafting this article, I had an epiphany!! Everything I ever wanted to become…I have… by PURSUING THEM ALL. I joined the band; played triumph, dancer; Mime for my church, basketball (high school), and singer; (my own album). I am currently a licensed Barber/Stylist and for three years I have been in communication (News Broadcaster) with my own blog/eMag. By not knowing what my Grind was…gave me the chance to experience and weed out all the ones I thought I wanted to be –becoming the very Grinder I am today.

When you can’t figure out your Grind or passion in life, TRY ALL your heart’s desire until you find that one which satisfies your “career spirit”.


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