When what you love interferes with what you love…

How would you handle this situation?

In the pursuit of your dreams…family and friends had your back. But, what happens when –what you love interferes with what you love.

You write down your passions on paper then you talk with the one you love (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, BFF) and they all say, “Oh, that sounds great” or “we got your back”.  After hearing all the support; your feel energized and you put your plans into act. question

Questions about how everything is going are being asked daily, praises are coming in from everywhere, and you feel like no one can stop you.  You put your all in making your dreams come true and making everyone proud.  OMG, it is happening… your passion is taking sharp…your name is getting out there; you go back and talk with the ones that started with you…everyone is excited.

The months go by and you are truly living your dreams, then –here come the clash.  The support has turned into lack…jealousy has crept into the situation.  Now, your love one or love ones have abandoned you.  Saying things like… you are putting your career before them or you are driven by ambition.  But you felt as if you were doing the right thing by doing what you loved as a career and still have time for your friends and family. No…Now, questions are in your head; Why has everything changed?  Why is he/she/they mad at me? How can I make it better? choose

Right here is the point you choose to continue pursuing your dreams or let it go…

What would you do?

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  1. We all have to understand that our passion may not always hold importance to the ppl we care for the most. Anyone who make you choose is not a true friend.

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