What’s your American Title?

This morning I was listening to Heaven 600 Morning Radio Show and the topic was “What is the political correct name to use -Blacks, African-American, or American.” I feel Ravon-Symone…tired of being labeled. Why can’t we just be American?

My view is I am American…I have never been to African. My ancestors may have come from there but I didn’t… I was born/ raised here in America with American parents. I feel African-American or any other prefixed American should only be used if a person was born outside of America–thus becoming American through the United States Legal process.

What happened to Spanish-American or Asia- American, they are called others. Wow…how crazy is that.


I am American!!!!usflag

One thing, I just thought about –Native (Native-American) means belonging to a particular place by birth or grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity. So, actually Indians (Native Americans) are the only people with the right title. I feel I am Native American…born and raised in America, which means I am Native of my country.

What do you think?

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